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Nearly Gave Up

Traci and Josh

Louisville, Kentucky

Around December 2011 I decided to sign back up and pay for another 3 months (I think).  One night, in late January or maybe early February, I was laying in bed and checking my iPhone for matches dating back months due to not being on in almost a year.  I happened to run across Traci's icebreaker she had sent me 7 months prior.

After reading over her profile and seeing her pics it was obvious to me I was attracted to what I read as well as her physical appearance.  I really didn't think there was any chance that she was still single or looking for someone to date due to the length of time that had elapsed since May.  I went ahead and sent her an icebreaker back and hoped for the best.  Lo and behold, she sent me the start of the eHarmony interview process (i.e. questions, dislikes/likes, short answer, etc.).  We messaged back and forth for a bit.  I remember being in Louisiana visiting my mother and having this long winded message I was typing out on my iPad only to lose the whole thing when I went to send it.  I was devastated!  I immediately just sent her a short message just telling her to hold her thoughts until I got back into town and that I had just lost about 2 hours worth of writing.

One thing I noticed on her profile for her occupation was that she was a teacher for hard of hearing/deaf.  I wasn't sure what to think of that and didn't know details but she quickly let me know in the beginning that she was born deaf.  This didn't scare me away but actually intrigued me.  I remembered in grade school learning my alphabet but didn't know much more than that.  I assured her that her being deaf would not influence my decision on going out with her for a date.  I do remember practicing my ABC's prior to our first date to see if I could impress her. I am currently taking an ASL class to learn more. 

Traci is deaf but learned to speak with her voice at a young age and didn't learn sign language until she was in college.  She can read lips extremely well and does a great job in a social setting.  She enjoys meeting new people and learning about others' experiences.

Finally we set a date to meet up and to see where things would go, if anywhere at all.  The date was set for March 2nd, 2012.  On this day there was national news broadcasting about a tornado that hit just 15-20 miles north of Louisville in a little town called Henryville, IN.  There were several fatalities, properties devastated and homes lost that day.  I suggested cancelling our date but she insisted that we meet up for dinner.  So we meet up at Doc Crows in downtown Louisville.  I was waiting at the bar and she came in.  She told me a month or two later that I was chewing my gum rapidly and seeing me do this endeared me to her even more.  It's a good thing she didn't tell me that the day of or I would have been mortified.  The date went well, we left dinner and proceeded to have a couple cocktails at a nice establishment in the downtown area. 

I totally wanted a second date with her the very next night but she mentioned she already had a date commitment with someone else that she had seen before.   For our second date, we volunteered to help the tornado cleanup efforts in Henryville.  We continued to date and within weeks we committed to dating each other exclusively.  In July, Traci packed her bags and moved in with me in my house along with my two  boxer dogs.  I took her mom, Darlene, out to lunch one early August day and asked if I could have her daughter as my wife.  She acknowledged and validated my request.  On August 9th, 2012, I proposed to Traci and she accepted.  

We decided to forego the hassle and stress of a big wedding and decided to fly to Great Exuma, Bahamas, for an all inclusive Weddingmoon at the Sandals Resort.  We were married on November 21, 2012.  Neither one of us (both 37 years of age) has kids so we were both eager to start a family right away.  We found out on February 1st that we are pregnant!  We are very excited and have our first appointment scheduled for March 26th to hopefully hear a heartbeat...or two!? 

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