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Nearly Gave Up

Keith and Kimberly

Costa Mesa, CA

Kimberly and I had almost given up on eHarmony. We were both nearing the end of our subscriptions, fed up with the results, ready to move on. But, ever hopeful, we decided we would try one last time. And we're both so glad we did. On our first date, we went for ice cream and a walk. Though it was an oddly cold afternoon in Orange County and we weren't dressed warmly, the date lasted two hours. Later that night, I set up a second date, a romantic dinner at an Italian restaurant. Things really clicked that night, our nerves settling as we told stories about our past and shared our hopes. About three weeks in, we both knew where the relationship was headed - marriage. We simply fit.

I blew my budget on a diamond ring, and then set up the perfect day for her. In the morning, I brought her coffee and a mug I bought from Starbucks (she loves mugs, even paints them). Then, we went to the Getty. Spent the day there, looking at art, talking, holding hands. Throughout the day, I hinted at marriage and how much she meant to me, trying to get her to anticipate the question. After, we went to dinner at Maggiano's, where we had spent our second date. It's a special place for us. Knowing it was a special night for us, they put us right through.

After dinner, I mentioned that it was a beautiful night, so why not take a walk on the beach? And so we did. We held each other in the cold breeze, walked up and down the shore - I even used my foot to write "Keith loves Kimberly" in the sand.

When we were walking back to the car, I mentioned that I wrote a poem for her (she had just asked me why I never let her read any of my creative writing - I am a writer for a living - so the conversation transitioned nicely into the poem). I recited the poem to her, and she loved it. She even made me repeat it. She loved it so much that she was sure I was about to propose.

But I didn't. (Later, she told me she thought I "chickened out" at that moment. But I didn't even have the ring on me!)
I took her home, and on the drive, I told her that I was pretty tired, that my feet were sore, and that I was just going to go home. It'd been a long day. So, I gave her a hug and a kiss goodnight, and she went inside, upset and frustrated that I hadn't proposed after all that trouble I'd gone through.

Next, I parked my car around the corner, sprinted up to her apartment door, got down on a knee, pulled out the ring, knocked on the door, and guess who answered?...Her roommate, Mabel!!!

We both freak out a little, so I told her to go lock herself in her bedroom and make Kimberly answer the door when I knock the next time. So...I left for about 5 minutes, then came back, got down on my knee once again, knocked, and this time...Kimberly answered the door!

I told her I forgot to ask her something - Will she marry me? Smiling ear to ear, she said yes and hugged and kissed me without even looking at the ring. I even had to remind her to look at it. She did, and she loved it.  We're both very excited, just feeling blessed to have met each other. And so glad we decided to go on one last date.  

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