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Nearly Gave Up

Beth and Joe

Oakwood, OH

There he was...this very handsome guy with a great smile and an awesome profile. Joe and I met on eHarmony late 2007. I was sent his profile as a match to my criteria on December 20th, 2007- just one day after my 48th birthday. I sent him an Invitation for Open Communication that same day. I was very captivated by what I read in his profile. Little did I know that handsome Joe was already communicating with several ladies! Somehow, I managed to get his attention amidst the competition and we began to go through the Guided eHarmony process until we finally spoke on December 28th. Joe tells everyone he fell in love with me on the phone. It took me just another week or so until our first for coffee to do the same. The minute I saw that kind face and his eyes that seemed to smile...I was hooked! Not to mention, he was a true gentleman; he saw me approach the building and met me at the door! He pulled my chair out for me and on the table was a bouquet of some of my most favorite flowers...calla lilies, pink roses and lavender; how could he have known they were my favorites? We had a wonderful conversation over coffee then went to dinner.  It was the best first date ever! Later I found out Joe had graciously cancelled another date he had already scheduled for a few days later because he just knew I was the one! How lucky can a girl get? I found my prince!

At age 49 I had all but given-up hope of finding my soul mate, companion, lover.  In Joe I found all of these things and more.  It's just remarkable how eHarmony knew we were meant to meet!  I had tried a few other dating sites before but had never found my real true love until I met Joe. 

We often tell our story to those who like us, had thought that finding someone special just wasn't possible.  We tell them to go to eHarmony and try it.  There are so many people out there seeking to find someone special... Joe and I lived over 2-1/2 hours apart...we would have never met otherwise. He lived in a very rural area in a beautiful log cabin and commuted to the city everyday - almost 4 hours total each day.  He had no time to find someone and he was very lonely and unhappy.  Then eHarmony brought us together.  Everything about us just clicked.  Our values, our attraction to one another, our desire to find real and lasting love.  At the same time, finding your best friend. 

Ironically, I had decided that had I not found someone special by the year’s end- then I was going to quit trying. I was tired of looking for Mr. Right....  I was ready to cancel my subscription that next day.  Then eHarmony simply delivered him to me that very day!  The best belated birthday gift ever!!!


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