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Multiple Success in Family

Lydia and Whitney

Pleasant Prairie, WI

Whitney and I were blessed to get matched back in 2002, but didn't meet until March 6, 2004. I didn't think Whit was my "soul-mate" at the beginning - he has a bachelor's degree in economics and also one in chemistry - both subjects are ones I greatly dislike. :) Little did I know... Our first date was spent meeting up at a safe location, walking around a botanical garden, eating, walking on a bike path near my home, and then separating. He was wonderful from the first moment I saw him!!! I never imagined love could be like this! For me, eHarmony was so much better as a filter for personalities, tastes, and just plain compatibility! In fact, our happiness motivated three of my siblings to try eHarmony, and they too have met their (now) spouse through eHarmony. We are so happy together and thank you for providing this venue to meet our soul mate! I could keep typing and typing about how wonderful eHarmony has been for myself, my husband, and my family. THANK YOU again!

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