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eHarmony Success Stories

Multiple Success in Family

Shelby and David

Allentown, PA

My successful match with Dave started before Dave and I even joined eHarmony.  Dave’s father Randy, had made a successful match on eHarmony two years before Dave and I had met.  Randy met Linda, and they were married in December of 2005.  After Randy’s success with eHarmony he encouraged Dave to try it out too.  It wasn’t long before Dave and I found each other, and began sending emails back and forth every day.  I couldn’t believe we had so much in common.  Our first date was 2 months after we first started communicating and it was absolutely perfect, I truly believed that I had found my soul mate. Dave and I both realized that we were destined to be together, and he asked me to marry him.  We were married on April 21, 2007, in a beautiful ceremony celebrated with family and friends.   We are so in love and thank eHarmony, and his Dad for bringing us together!

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