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eHarmony Success Stories

Multiple Success in Family

Sarah and Ryan

Elgin, IL

I had just finished college and decided to sign up for eHarmony just to see who was out there. Ryan was laid up with a dislocated knee and kept seeing eHarmony commercials on TV and decided to try it as well.

I wasn't really looking for anything serious, that is until I met Ryan. He is everything I ever thought I wanted in a man. After we were matched, we began talking on the phone every morning and every night.  Soon thereafter, we met in person and it was love at first sight. 

The really unique thing about our story is that my uncle married an amazing woman he met on eHarmony.  Uncle Lee had never been married before, and met Marie when he was in his 50's.  Uncle Lee and Marie got married 2 years ago.  Ryan and I are getting married on August 1st! eHarmony works for people of all ages...I am in my 20's and my uncle is in his 50's. 

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