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Long Distance

Dale and Velvet

Chandler, AZ

Dear eHarmony,

We are writing to let you know you have another success story.  Velvet and I were first introduced through eHarmony in February, 2005.

We communicated through the system for a while until we felt comfortable giving out real world email addresses.  We exchanged email regularly until I took a vacation trip to Mexico.  I was out of communication for that week, and when I returned to the US, I got caught up in the daily hustle and didn’t email Velvet again until nearly another week had gone by.  She used the opportunity to convince me to call her for our first ever phone call and what a call it was.  It lasted for nearly 4 hours!  It really was as comfortable a conversation as if we had known each other for years.

Many conversations later, often several a day, and we agreed to meet.  Now comes the fun part of the story, as I lived in Phoenix, AZ and Velvet lived in Dallas, TX.  So I jumped on an airplane and flew an excited and anxious 2.5 hour flight to Dallas for Memorial Day weekend 2005.  Once I got off the plane and got to the passenger meeting area, I couldn’t miss her.  I would have recognized her instantly, no matter what.  No one else has such an incredible smile and you can’t miss it when Velvet sends that smile your way.

It was a marvelous weekend, with fun adventures to a local aquarium and other local attractions.  Needless to say, I hated for the weekend to close, and asked her to become my girlfriend that weekend.  Thank goodness she agreed!

Fast forward another couple months and many more phone calls and emails and I knew I was done for.  The next trip I confessed that I had fallen in love with her and was treated to the same in return.  Happy is too small a word to describe how I felt.

I knew then I wanted to marry her, but being the old fashioned person I am, I had to have a ring first.  Fast forward through much saving and scratching for pennies, and ring in pocket I flew again to Dallas in another of our many trips back and forth.  This one was going to be extra special, as it was our second dating anniversary and I had a sneaky plan in mind.  On that day, I read her the first true love letter I had written to her, and as I led to a close of how I had met my dream girl, but there was one last dream to make come true, and I dropped to me knee and begged her to marry me.

With her wonderful happy laughter and smile, she said yes!

Fast forward to a year and a half later, and I found myself waiting at the head of the aisle for the doors to open and my beautiful bride to walk through.  I couldn’t see her very well at first, as there seemed to suddenly be a fog in the air interfering with my vision.  Once that cleared up, I suddenly had trouble standing, and my face has never hurt so much (from the huge smile I had of course).

I sang of my love to her, we said our personal vows to each other, and so began the happiest and most incredible journey of my already full and adventurous life.

With many thanks! 

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