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Long Distance

Trevor and Leslie

Morrisville, NC

I’ve never been much of a golf fan.  With only minimal knowledge of the game, average level skill in miniature golf, and the ability to name a handful of professional golfers, I never envisioned myself changing my perspective on the game.  Then I met Trevor.  I was driving to work one morning, flipping through the radio stations, and I heard a commercial.  While I had heard of eHarmony before, this ad highlighted the personality and compatibility test that were integrated into the registration process.  Intrigued, I logged on later that night and began filling out my personality test.  While I wasn’t extremely focused on the dating aspect of the service, the prospect of having my traits analyzed and then matched with other individuals interested me.  I didn’t feel any void in my life and didn’t feel I needed someone else to “complete me” as I’d heard so many others remark.  Yet interested in seeing this profile of my personality, I elected to try eHarmony out.  After completing the survey, I began reading through the analysis and noticed the section that articulated the type of person to whom I would most likely be attracted.  I was impressed.  When I received my first few matches the next morning, I didn’t hesitate to read the profiles.  If eHarmony could so accurately describe the type of person I could be compatible with, and eHarmony was sending me information on men who matched that profile, how could I not take a look?  I enjoyed looking through the matches I received and was able to communicate with a number of people during my trial period.  Shortly before my introductory period was to expire, I received a match from someone in North Carolina.  My trial almost up, I was unsure if I wanted to respond, unsure if I wanted to take the time going through this one last match, and unsure if I should continue the service.  I decided to reply, to respond to the request for communication and to give the dimensions of compatibility another chance. 

After exchanging emails with my match, Trevor, it took about a month before we were trading emails or phone calls numerous times in a day.  One of the first phone conversations I had with Trevor was late on a Saturday night as he was driving home from a football game.  He began to talk about his enthusiasm for golf and his opinion that it was one of the hardest sports to play.  Although I wasn’t entirely convinced of the merits of the game, I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation.  That phone call turned out to be the first of many. Due to the upcoming holiday season and our busy schedules, Trevor and I communicated solely through email and the phone for 3 months after we were matched.  I knew he was dedicated to getting to know me better when he elected to incur the cost of calling me regularly as I travelled in Europe for two weeks.    By January 5th, I was able to meet Trevor in person for the first time.  It was never stressful or awkward.  I was never nervous or uneasy.  Wed spent countless hours conversing over the phone, I felt like I was going to pick up a friend, not embarking on a first encounter.  Only a few weeks after that initial meeting, we made the decision to begin dating.  We tried to see each other at least every other weekend, flight schedules and 5:30am Monday morning departures become commonplace, and thousands of frequent flyer miles were incurred as we took turns travelling between Cleveland, Ohio and Wilmington, North Carolina.  In April of 2007, I was invited into his family tradition of attending the Masters golf tournament in Augusta, Georgia.  Then on Easter Sunday, next to the tee box on the 12th hole at Augusta National golf course, he was on one knee, before a stunned girlfriend who had only been asked days before what type of rings she liked, proposing.  We were married in a beautiful ceremony at my home church on December 8th, 2007. 

Over the course of our relationship, we experienced a number of trying and stressful situations.  Yet through each event, Trevor consistently demonstrated the character of someone I knew would be steadfast and faithful to me throughout many, many years of our relationship.  His continually optimistic attitude, his faith, his fortitude, and his continual awareness of and consideration for me were such a comfort and encouragement.  I have no doubt that our relationship will be marked with struggles, difficult times, and frustrations.  Yet, I look forward to the prospect of spending years of my life alongside Trevor.  I know that those struggles will be accompanied with triumphs, those difficult times mingled with times of joy, and those frustrations overcome with perseverance, dedication, and love.  I never thought I’d have the patience to watch a game of golf on TV, much less enjoy it.  I never thought I’d know when a major tournament was held, much less attend one.  I never thought golf would be of any passing interest to me; much less have such a focal position in my life!  As Trevor and I approach our one year wedding anniversary, our relationship is marked with another keystone event.  I’ve taken my first golf lesson.  If he was willing to learn the Viennese Waltz for our wedding dance, it’s only appropriate that I make an effort to learn the game he enjoys so much.  In a note I wrote to friends shortly after our engagement, I commented: I am amazingly fortunate and eternally grateful to have met someone who is so perfectly what I need and whose company I thoroughly enjoy and who doesn’t drive me crazy and who I love a ridiculous amount and who is everything I could have ever asked for and then some.

While I never needed a relationship to make my life complete, I am acutely aware of how much fuller, happier, and more blessed my life has been.  Our time together has served to strengthen those feelings, confirm everything I knew was true about the man I married, and continually amaze me with how he is consistently the exact and perfect match for me.   

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