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Long Distance

Joanne and Tim

Valley City, NC

I joined eHarmony in Aug of 2004. At first I only picked a 300 mile radius around the Pittsburgh area and did not have much luck. Most men would say the distance is too great. I only had one person I was communicating with in the Pittsburgh area but never met or even emailed out of the eHarmony system. Then in Jan 2005 I expanded my radius to the whole USA and decided then if I met someone I would move. Still not much luck until... Feb 14th 2005, Valentine’s Day. I was in the system looking over my first page and noted I had a match with a Tim from Valley City, ND.  At that point it seemed any first attempt I made to communicate with someone, I got the Big Red X and they closed me, so I thought I would just wait for Tim to send the first set of questions. Well he did Feb 15th. Tim had just joined eHarmony Feb 14th 2005. Little did I know how my whole life would change answering Tim's first set of questions. We spent hours upon hours emailing each other and talking on the phone and really getting to know a lot about each other.

We said we had to meet, but where and when? Our choices were: I come to North Dakota, he come to Pennsylvania or we meet in the middle. We decided for both of us to be on unfamiliar ground would not be good so I said I would come first to see him. We met at the Hector Airport in Fargo, ND. I was so nervous but excited nervous. As I approached the non secure area of the doors I saw him thru the window and waved. Then we had our first hug and then our second hug. (I’ll never forget those hugs) He gave me 2 red roses. As we drove back to Valley City it took only about 10 minutes and I wasn’t nervous anymore at all.  He took me to my motel, to leave my suitcases, then showed me around town, then back to his house. I KNEW I would like Tim, but not so sure if he would see the same me that I was emailing and talking on the phone all those weeks. Apparently he did!!!!! We had 3 wonderful days together. (It rained the first 2) Tim was EXACTLY as he was in the emails and on the phone, only much warmer. I was so comfortable with him. The whole way back in the plane I kept saying “I’m going the wrong way, I’m going the wrong way”, and cried all the way. We didn’t set any time Tim would come to see me, but very shortly after I got back home he made plane reservations to come to Pittsburgh for 3 days. He was able to meet my son, cousin and some friends, go sightseeing, a Pirate game, and getting to know more about each other.

We discussed me moving to Valley City maybe in September. I needed a job and to sell my house. After Tim left I felt like I was just wasting my life staying in Pittsburgh. My son asked what it would take for me to move. I said sell my house and get a job in ND. He said he would buy my house! Tim started looking for an apartment and job hunting for me. My son and his friends helped me pack; Tim flew into the Pittsburgh Airport June 18th to drive us both back to Valley City in a 16 foot Penske truck. Everyone has to realize I am NOT an impulsive person. I have to take time to weigh the situation. But in this case my heart kept telling me it was the right thing to do. We really needed to spend time together getting to know each other. Tim was still no different than I had expected as we spent time together now every day.

I went home (Pittsburgh) in August 2005 for an annual fishing trip with my son, brothers, and nephews. Tim flew in after our fishing to meet more of my family. We went to our favorite restaurant to eat. An electrical storm occurred just after we placed our orders (20 of us) and the lights went out! Little did I know Tim was going to propose to me that night. He wanted to make it special for me in front of my family and friends. Well he proposed in the dark anyway!!!! I couldn’t even see my engagement ring.

So to make this long story short........we were married the day after Thanksgiving, Friday, November 25, 2005. I wanted someone who would love me JUST as I am and he DOES.  We’re having fun enjoying each other’s company. We love to watch NFL Football (remember the Steelers won the Super Bowl) and I’m learning to golf. There have been so many circumstances that have just worked out without us even trying. Now tell me this isn’t a Special Love Story! Joanne

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