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Long Distance

Jeff and Joelle

Cleveland Heights, OH

We are often asked how we met.  As soon as someone finds out we started with a long distance relationship they know there must be an interesting story. They have no idea what they are getting into when they ask how we met. When we tell our eHarmony story we always receive the same response. Our story brings smiles to those around us. When we tell our story to single people, it inspires them to search for love without compromise. We assure them it is out there.

Joelle and I were matched through eHarmony in early January, 2005. I was living in Cleveland, Ohio and Joelle was living in Tempe, Arizona. I will never forget seeing her in my new matches list. Joelle, Tempe Arizona. I almost closed the match without even reading her profile. I had been receiving matches from all over North America. I felt like I had already dated most of the women in Cleveland and I was open to finding a match in another city. I preferred someone within a short flight or several hour drive. I was closing almost every match that was too far away before reading about them. However, I had spent some vacation time in Arizona and it was a special place for me. So just before clicking to close my match with Joelle, I decided to read about her. And I am so happy that I did!! As soon as I started reading I was interested in getting to know her. She sounded like someone I wanted to know. I was not able to see her picture but it did not matter. I was interested in learning about her. She said something in her profile I will never forget. She said she was ready to find the love of her life and she was ready to be found.

Joelle and I flew through the eHarmony communication. Her answers to all my questions were better than what I could have imagined asking for. Within a few days we were emailing and speaking on the phone. When I finally got to download her picture, I literally said “wow” out loud as I sat on the couch looking at her photo. Joelle and I were talking constantly. We called to say good morning. We called to check in during the workday. We spent our evenings and weekends on the phone together. We talked on our cell phones and drove to our local video rental store. We would pick the same movie and spend the night on the phone watching the movie and eating popcorn together.

We are such a perfect match and we knew it right away. We never got bored spending hours on the phone. It was almost scary how perfect it was right from the start.  By the end of February we were ready to meet in person. Even though we had not met yet we both felt like we had found our soul mate. A few months later we were standing together at the baggage claim at Sky Harbor Airport. The crowd had left and my bag stood alone on the carrousel, which had stopped. Joelle and I were standing together, holding each other and just looking at each other smiling. She said, “I love the lines around you eyes when you smile.” I replied, “I don’t have lines around my eyes.” We both laughed. We knew.

We spent the rest of 2005 earning a lot of frequent flyer miles and having great adventures. We would spend two weeks together every month; one week in Cleveland and one in Arizona. By the end of the year, we were no longer willing to be apart two weeks each month.

In the first seconds of 2006, I asked Joelle to marry me. She moved to Cleveland shortly after and we got married on Valentine’s Day, 2006. :) We followed our wedding with a party in Winnipeg and a party in Cleveland. Joelle and I are both so grateful to have found each other and to have found love without compromise. We could not have designed better matches for each other. We love each other so much and are so accepting and supportive of each other. We are grateful to eHarmony for helping us to find each other and helping us to be found!

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