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eHarmony Success Stories

Long Distance

Kathleen and Max

Clovis, CA

As the story goes we met and corresponded through eHarmony for 3 months before actually meeting. We planned our meeting with an escape plan (unbeknownst to each other). It was at that first meeting that we realize we truly fell in love from the inside out. We had a wonderful fairy tale weekend. He lived in Southern CA about 300 miles away and I in Central CA. We commuted back and forth almost every other weekend for over 2 years. That's a lot of miles....We decided we wanted to get married, and he would relocate up here. So as they say the rest is history. He got a job up here moved and we got married. To please friends and family we got married in Southern CA. on Saturday, Nov. 10th with the ocean in the back ground...and the on the Friday that followed Nov. 16th we had a sit down dinner, reception, and dance for 85 people up here in Central CA. and boy did we dance and have fun. Everyone that knows us has told us you have to tell eHarmony. So there you go. At first we were embarrassed to tell people where we met.....not anymore.

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