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Long Distance

David and Abby

Rochester Hills, MI

Dave and I met through eHarmony the end of October 2006 and begin chatting via email and on the phone. He lives in London, Ontario and I live in Rochester Hills, Michigan. On November 4, 2006, we went on our first date. I had a feeling through the talking and emails back and forth between Dave and I, that this was someone that I can see myself with. The day after our first date, I told my parents that this is the man that I was going to marry. Dave also told his mother the next day that he would be very surprised if he did not marry me. So the relationship blossomed, and the 2 hour commute began every weekend back and forth for a year.

On December 24, 2007, Christmas Eve, Dave proposed. He tied the ring onto my favorite ornament and hung it outside on a tree in front of my house. He then asked me to go for a walk. Dave had already given me my Christmas present (an eternity necklace) so I did not think that he was going to propose. So we start to go and Dave pulls me back to look at the tree. I turn and see something glistening in the Christmas lights. I get closer and see it is and engagement ring!! I am in shock. Dave proceeds to pick up the ornament and drops the ring into the snow. Fresh, light and fluffy snow!! The ring sank to the bottom. He hits the floor and starts searching for the ring. I am still in shock and not really moving. After about 10 minutes, my dad and 2 brothers come outside and get in the snow as well. One of my brothers pulled one of the cars around so that we can have some light. My mother was on her way to go get the blow dryers to melt the snow…when Dave yells “I found it”!! He then turns to me and asks “Will you marry me?” The answer was YES! There was champagne and cake and lots of crying (my mother and me). 

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