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eHarmony Success Stories

Long Distance

Jessica and Bryan

Hunt, TX

I was first attracted to Bryan because of his profile. We had so much in common, even our careers. After going through the eHarmony process, Bryan was genuinely interested in getting to know me, which really stood out. Since we lived 5 hours away from each other, after 2 months of correspondence we decided to meet in the middle. After our first date, we would see each other about 2 times a month, gradually increasing that to every weekend, with the help of Southwest Airlines. We have since gotten married. I did not trust any other sites, and felt comfortable with eHarmony, knowing that it was based on solid research. Also, my roommate at the time met, her now husband through eHarmony. Seeing that she was matched with someone better than I had ever seen her with, my curiosity was definitely intrigued After looking into it, I really liked the fact that you can't search for matches, but rather are matched based on your personality profile. We are so thankful for eHarmony and recommend it to everyone we meet that is single. It's amazing how many people we have met that have used eHarmony or met their significant other through eHarmony. Thank you so much!

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