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Long Distance

Hattie and Keith

Brooklyn, NY


Keith was living in Boston, and his pursuit of me was a dream come true. We communicated through eHarmony and email for about a month and, on January 11, Keith called me for the first time. eHarmony started us off in a really great communication pattern, and our talks just got better and better. We continued to delve into the important topics with ease and the more I learned, the more I wanted to know.

The red flags I’d started off looking for were never anywhere to be found and, on February 13, Keith and I met for the first time. I traveled from New York to Boston to meet the man that had already become a huge part of my life. It was a whirlwind, those around us agree. And nobody could argue that it wasn’t a beautiful thing.

 I fell in love with this incredibly strong, reassuringly honest, and sincerely genuine guy and his family in no time flat!  Four months later, I was living in New England and hearing about Danielle’s budding Brooklyn romance during our weekly phone conversations. Keith popped the question in September and I married my best friend on January 15, 2011, just a tad over one year after that “meet your new match Keith…” email from eHarmony appeared in my inbox. (Keith's dad was sure to toast his old colleague Neil Clark Warren at both of our receptions!)

What a sweet experience! I gained a really wonderful friend and won my partner for life through eHarmony! Such incredible fun to have Danielle to enjoy the entire eHarmony adventure with and an overwhelming blessing to have found the husband I was holding out for! Keith and I look forward to celebrating Danielle and Ray’s marriage this October. We won’t be surprised if we’re at a table full of other online romance success stories!

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