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Long Distance

Heather and Chad

Omaha, NE

 We e-mailed for a couple months, then I called it quits after a couple months because I was dating others who were not long distance, and we both felt like we were not connecting well. After a couple months went by I was in Europe and the guy I was dating e-mailed me and told me he wanted to date someone else. I was torn and realized he wasn't ready for commitment, so I thought of Chad and how nice he was and how we both loved Ireland.    I had just visited Ireland and had taken pictures so I e-mailed him and sent some pictures as a friend. He replied and we connected much better without the pressure of feeling like we had to connect and were just ourselves. We visited each other after I "closed the door" on the boy I was seeing who wasn't ready for commitment.   Things progressed rather quickly and I was rather busy with school, but he was there for me and helped me study over Skype by letting me teach him and quizzing me with questions I would send him. I was very stressed out by the intense accelerated nursing program I was in and had limited time, but he was very selfless. He would decrease my stress by singing to me or sending me roses, chocolates and visiting me when I had time. I didn't think I had time for a relationship, but he made it so easy.   We e-mailed in August of 2010, talked on the phone in March of 2011, met in person in May 2011 and got engaged in July 2011 and married shortly after I graduated in August 2011. We have been married for almost three months thanks to eHarmony!

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