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Long Distance

Julio and Erika

Lake Elsinore, CA

Our story can be just like anyone else's love story.  Two people looking for love but always seeming to come up short.  Wondering if there would ever be any chance for romance after a divorce.  And then one day we decided to take the plunge and give eHarmony a try.

After a couple of meetings we were starting to wonder if we would find what we were looking for on this site.  But then faith stepped in and matched us up.

She is a dental hygienist / single mother out of Prescott, Arizona and I am a Harbor Patrol Sergeant (no kids) out of Long Beach, California.  And although at first it did not seem as though we would have anything in common to even open up communication with each other we both reached out and started communicating.

Our profiles allowed us to see that we had things like family, a want for more children and good careers in common.  As we got to know each other more we realized that although we came from two very different backgrounds and were at very different places in our lives we had very similar beliefs and deep roots for a lasting and loving relationship.

As our relationship grew so did some of our baggage.  But for the first time we were actually in a relationship with someone that was willing to work as hard for the other person as they were for themselves.  And with that kind of commitment and understanding of one another we ventured deeper into our relationship and cleared out all that excess baggage that had been weighing both of us down for many years.

Once our shoulders and hearts were lifted by all the cleaning we were able to focus more on our relationship and fill it with caring, trust, understanding and respect.  We learned that not only were we falling in love with our soul mate but that we had fallen in love with our best friend.

After time the obstacles in our relationship seemed small in comparison to our love for one another and our love for our family (including Tyson).  The 350 miles between us could not keep us from continuing with our relationship.  The time spent apart during the work week only strengthened our trust and love for one another while building our longing and need for each other’s company.

We now have a partner we can talk with about anything and whom we love spending our time with.  But when we are not together we are in each other’s thoughts and respectful about one another’s lives and how both of our live will be combined to make one great legacy for our children.

We both want to thank eHarmony for allowing us the opportunity to put ourselves out there for someone else to find.  We feel that this site has done a great service to by introducing us to each other and matching us up with someone as loving, willing and caring enough to want an eternal; unconditional love.

And last but definite not least I have to say what a blessing it has to become part of a family with Erika and my soon to be son... Tyson.  My love for him has grown in ways that I never could have understood and it is that same love that I share with his mother that lets me know that finally... my search is over!

We wish for our kinds of success for all those people out there looking for their mate and we remind them to never give up and never give in!

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