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Long Distance

Stephanie and Philip

Clarksville, TN

This is the story of how a beach beauty from Orange County, CA fell head over heels for a West Point graduate from Ann Arbor, MI:

Well it all started when my mom told me to try to find the right guy. I signed up in March 2007 and settled down for a long wait because I didn't believe I was going to match with anyone quickly. I got a few matches, but I wasn't satisfied with anyone. I had a feeling there was someone better out there for me.

Then I saw his picture. Philip blew me away with how much he connected with me, even in the beginning stages of getting to know each other. Not to mention that he is gorgeous! We flew through the questions and likes and don't likes and then finally got to the point where we were able to talk in person. We chatted through some emails and through AIM and then exchanged phone numbers for texting. I had to work one night and Phil decided to call me after I got off work as a surprise. After signing up at eHarmony about a month earlier, I finally got to hear his voice and I still remember his first words: "Hi! I wanted to surprise you." We talked for over 3 hours that night.

After that first phone call, we called each other every night and would talk for hours on end. I think our longest conversation was over 5 hours one night. Even though we were on opposite coasts, I was out in Orange County, CA and he was all the way in NY attending West Point, we would always set aside time to talk every night. Months passed before there was an opportunity for us to meet each other face to face.

July 6, 2007: Phil stepped off his plane at LAX airport and it was love at first site. I ran to him and we hugged and kissed. I swear I had never felt fireworks before until that first kiss with him. That night he officially asked me to be his girlfriend and our relationship started. He spent a week in CA: getting to know my family, my friends, and us just being able to be together. It passed by too quickly. He flew back to MI and then had to head back to West Point to start his final year there.

August 23-26, 2007: Ring Weekend. I was at West Point to celebrate all the seniors getting their class rings at the start of their final year. Also, I met his parents for the first time. That Friday, the ceremony took place and then Phil surprised me by taking me to see Wicked on Broadway! On Saturday there was a big dinner and then a ball.

November 21, 2007: I got to pick Phil up from the airport and that night was the first time we said, "I love you." Spent Thanksgiving at my parents house and spent that Friday meeting his extended family who live out in Palm Desert, CA. The 25th, we had to say our goodbyes again until Christmas time.

December 26, 2007: My family and I had flown out to MO to spend Christmas with my grandparents that live out there. So Phil drove down the 26th from his home and arrived that night safe and sound, even after sliding off the highway, to spend a few days with my family there. We left the 27th and headed up to his hometown of Ann Arbor, MI to spend New Years with his family and friends. On the 28th, we went to an All Academy Ball and on the 31st, we watched the ball drop with his friends as snow feel outside. Then Phil and I stayed up until 3am making snowmen outside the front of his house, On the 5th, He had to return to West Point and I had to return home and it was back to phone calls every night to try and make up for the distance.

February 21-24 2008: I got to fly out again to West Point to celebrate 100th Night! There was a banquet and a hop/ball to celebrate the 100 days left until they got to graduate! It was magical, but all too soon, I had to leave on another plane to come home again and leave Phil there.

March 16-22 2008: Phil flew out to CA for his spring break and he and I drove up to Big Sur, CA to camp for the week. It was a wonderful little retreat for the two of us and was a whole lot of fun.

April 11-13 2008: I couldn't wait from March all the way to the end of May to see him again, so I planned a surprised trip out to see Phil as a belated April Fool's Day prank and it worked amazingly! I recruited the help of some of his friends and his roommate and we even got it on video! It was a wonderful little weekend for the two of us.

May 23-June 2 2008: I flew out again to see Phil at West Point, this time it was for Graduation Week! There were parades and banquets and tours and a ball throughout the whole week; all escalating to the graduation on May 31st. Then on June 1st we were able to witness the wedding of two of his friends and fellow LT's and Phil got to be apart of the saber arch. Then on the 2nd, we did a quick tour of New York City and then I had to take another plane home.

June 12-July 7 2008: Phil flew out to see me and he and I drove up the CA coastline and up to Milwaukee, OR to attend my cousin's wedding. Then we drove back home and Phil and his sister took a two-week trip to the Netherlands to visit the country their grandparents came from. On July 3rd, Phil and I flew out to MI to celebrate the 4th with his friends and family. On the 6th, Phil and I celebrated our 1-year anniversary together. Then I had to return home and Phil had to head out to start his engineer schooling.

November 26-39 2008: It was torture not being able to see each other for over 4 months, but we still continued to talk on the phone every night. Finally Thanksgiving rolled around and we were so thankful to be able to see each other and hold each other again. It was a short weekend, but it was worth every minute of it just because we could be together.

December 17 2008: This date has no ending because we have been together since then. I flew out to Fort Leonard Wood, MO to witness Phil's graduation from Combat Engineering school and together we set out for our first duty station: Fort Campbell, TN. On the 22nd, we signed our lease to our first apartment together and settled in. On the 24th, we flew back out to CA to celebrate Christmas with my family and then we packed up my little Honda and spent 5 days crossing the country back to our apartment. On February 14, 2009, Phil proposed to me with a beautiful diamond ring and we set a date to wed for October 10, 2009 on my grandparent’s property in Galt, MO.

Our life together would have never happened if it hadn't been for eHarmony. There are no words that can express our deep gratitude for you bringing us together. This site truly leads people to find their soul mates - Phil and I are living proof. Even though we had to spend the majority of our relationship apart, we wouldn't change a thing. It made us stronger, more patient, more loving, and made us truly appreciate the small things even more. We are looking forward to our wedding in anticipation and are planning to incorporate eHarmony into it because you played such a huge role in bringing us together. Our story is a unique one and this site is what made it happen. Thank you!

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