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Long Distance

Scott and Pam

Baldwinsville, NY

Pam is a story of three countries.  She’s Indian by conception, English by birth and lives Canadian (and to her that means Yorkville shopping).  Conceived as a honeymoon baby in Amritsar, Punjab India and born 9 months later in the town of Lambeth, England (south London).  Jet setting at an early age she left England at the age of five with her Parents and new baby brother Paul touching down on Canadian soil in March of 1976.  Since blackberries didn't exist in the 70’s she relied upon her books, crayons and imagination to set her itinerary for each week.  For the future Pam, most importantly, wants to travel the world; have a family; break 100; and devote her love and energy into her new life with Scott.

Today Scott has been lucky enough the most amazing woman to be his future wife, Pam.  Let the dream of quintuplets begin, in hopes that Scott can coach his own starting five! The Story of Pam and Scott together begins the classic tale of peer pressure with friends telling each of us things like: “just try it”, or “it’s fun and entertaining even if it doesn’t work for you”, and of course “everyone is doing it now.”

Timing as always was everything. Scott had joined when he was living in Altoona, PA and didn’t have luck meeting anyone in a new town.  He certainly found it entertaining but was not planning on renewing his subscription when it was set to expire in September.  In late August Pam had just returned from a girl’s trip to Ireland.  A few matches came and one of those matches requested to communicate with her.  She laughed as she noticed he lived in Syracuse, NY, had really pale skin and was wearing sunglasses while holding his niece in the picture.  But she did like what she read about him and decided to reply.  They were very intrigued by each other’s online persona and quickly answered each other’s question/messages.  When the time came to write an actual email to each other Pam started off the love affair with the most moving message: “So I have never done a long distance relationship, what are your thoughts?”

The emails did improve and the phone conversations were even better.  Within a month of steady talking an in person meeting was set in Niagara Falls (Canadian Side of course).  It was a chilly but sunny day and the conversation picked up right where it left off on the phone.  Walking, talking, mini-golf, a virtual reality ride and a cocktail at the Hard Rock lead us to a very romantic dinner at the revolving roof top restaurant. 

Time has flown by us.  Hours and hours on the phone, millions of emails/texts, hundreds of holes of golf and trips to Montreal, Pittsburgh, Florida, Panama, South Carolina and Bermuda to see family and friends made the bond and love we have for each other not only emerge but grow ever stronger and stronger. 

Golf is something we both enjoy and love to do together. My drives off the tee and patience in between holes have improved significantly since I met Scott and similarly his game has also improved, he is determined more than ever to never to let me out-drive him more than once during 18 holes! It was just the two us playing that day, Scott tried to get his brother Matt and sister-in-law Jen to play, but they were leaving for a family vacation (Ah-hah #1) to Cape Cod that day. The morning was picture perfect and sunny. Perfect until about the 5th hole.  Massive clouds started to loom over the course and rain began to pour down on us.  We managed to slip on our rain gear, shoot up our umbrellas, bring out the towels, and avoid the puddles that were accumulating everywhere around us. By the 7th hole, I felt soaked, and my game was falling apart. Scott, who is usually a wimp in the rain, was on a roll and scoring well and I wasn’t going to cave first, so, on we played. 

Before the 8th hole, we parked the golf cart under a covered area for a while, waiting for the rain to subside. Scott used this time to text his brother (Ah-hah #2) to see how the drive with Jenn and the kids was going and I was distracted by the most beautiful red fox running to the woods for shelter.  I took my next cue from the fox and turned to Scott and said, “Perhaps it’s time that we headed to the clubhouse.” We already witnessed club-members head back and the rain didn’t look like it was going to stop anytime soon. However, somehow I was convinced that we should play straight through to the 9th, which lead the way back to the clubhouse. To make the 9th hole more palatable, I was offered to play alternate shots (Ah-hah #3). I quickly agreed my skirt was sticking to seat, my hands were getting cold and I could start to feel the dampness trickle in. Finally, after a tee shot, a fairway hit, and pitch to the green it was my turn to putt (usually one of my strengths). Generously, Scott took his towel and dried off the ball for me, (Ah-hah#4) to ensure perfect condition for me to sink it in the hole but I missed it, and I missed it again, after a 3-putt attempt Scott looked at me and said, “Aren’t you going to look at your ball?” (Look at my ball, I thought, what is he kidding? It's raining and I am miserable and he wants me to pay more attention the ball?) After giving Scott a puzzling look I looked down at my ball and noticed something different about it, I picked it up and on it was words I will never forget. Pam, will you marry me? I read it again, and again, and then looked over at Scott, who by this time was down on one knee looking up at me and asking me to marry him. This was this best round of golf ever! We collected the ring out of the hole, which I never made it too and to my surprise again from the woods appeared Matt with a video camera - clearly he was not on vacation! (Ah-hah#5).We headed back to Matt and Jenn's where champagne and hugs awaited us. I have accepted to marry the most romantic, thoughtful and loving man!!

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