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eHarmony Success Stories

So Close Yet So Far

Brooke and Billy

Jacksonville, FL

I was told to give eHarmony at try, at least once.  Billy was told by his sister to give the site a try.  Not expecting for anything to happen, we were matched right before my first and only subscription was about to cancel.  We made it to level 3 and I gave him my email.  Billy and I corresponded through email four weeks before we decided to meet. We met for lunch one Friday afternoon and upon leaving to meet him, I realized he was behind me in his car!  We lived in THE SAME apartment complex and didn't realize it.  I had recognized him from his pictures. That was a wild realization.

We are so excited and couldn't feel more blessed.  I'm thankful for the fact that we both stepped out of our boxes to join eHarmony, it wasn't something either of us would've tried on our own without the suggestions of friends and family. We couldn't be more convinced that we were made for each other and are so excited about the future. Who would've guessed that when I decided to sign up for eHarmony that they would match me with my soul mate who lived only two buildings away!


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