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eHarmony Success Stories

So Close Yet So Far

Jennifer and Bret

Englewood, OH

Bret and I met through eHarmony in January 2007.  We know from the beginning that there was something special about each other.  Once we met in person we knew we were meant to be together.  He lived about 4 blocks away from me and his parents lived the street behind me, four houses down, but we had never met.  We went to the same high school, but he's 3 years younger than me so we didn't know each other.  He was very accepting of my daughter and knew we were a packaged deal. 

We became very close very quickly.  He proposed to me December 9, 2007 in front of his family.  It was the perfect moment.  We just got married August 8th and are excited to start our life together as a family.  We also want to add to our family as soon as possible.  We want to thank eHarmony so much for bringing us together.  We were very fortunate to meet each other.  Living so close to each other and having never met was so weird. We thank you for having a site where it is possible to find your soul mate! 


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