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So Close Yet So Far

Tina and David

Shelby Township, MI

David and I met through eHarmony in November 2006.  It feels like we have spent every moment together since.  There weren’t too many days that have gone by where I didn’t get to see him.  It’s pretty ironic that we only lived 6 miles apart but needed a computer and the internet to meet each other.  I had been looking for my soul mate for 30 years, and I am so thankful that eHarmony was there to bring us together.  I had tried various other dating sites over the past few years with no results.  Dave and I met each other within the first few months of logging in and completing our compatibility profiles.

Although we did have many things in common, there were some things that we did not.  We had the same taste in music, however many of our leisure activities were different.  But we have grown to share each others hobbies, hopes, dreams and life goals.  For example, about two months after we met, David went on a cruise with his family and learned how to scuba dive.  He loved it from the moment he sank beneath the ocean’s surface.  I have always been uncomfortable in the water.  But 9 months later I was in my first scuba diving class.  I was pretty scared, but Dave helped me through it.  When we went on our first trip together to Bonaire, I got to dive with Dave for the first time.  It was great!  Having him by my side underwater calmed me down and helped me to get over any hesitation that I had.  Now we share this love of the underwater world together and are always planning for our next trip.  And yes, I am sure there will be some scuba diving on our honeymoon!

It was very easy for our families to grow together as well as the two of us did.  Dave’s family is larger than mine, but every last one of them has been so nice and accepting.  I only have my mother, brother, sister-in-law, and two nieces in my immediate family.  My father and grandparents are no longer with us.  Dave has his parents, bother, sister-in-law, and all four grandparents.  There are a couple of fond moments that I already have with Dave’s family.  First, when his grandparents barely knew me, they took me along for the family cruise of the western Caribbean.  I thought this was a very generous offer for someone they did not even really know.  Not only did I get to meet his entire immediate family in one fell swoop, I got to spend a week on a cruise ship with them.  We had a wonderful time!  I could not believe how nice every one of them was to me.  One of my other favorite moments happened quite recently.  Dave’s grandmother sent me a card for my birthday that said “Happy Birthday Granddaughter.”  She knew I did not have any of my own grandparents with me, so she said she would take me in as her own grandchild.  I was so touched by this moving gesture.  And she has not even met me in person yet!  We’ve only spoken on the phone.  She lives out of state along with the rest of Dave’s family.

If I had any doubts about Dave (which I didn’t), they were all answered the day he and my brother sat down to play video games together for the first time.  They acted like they had been playing together for years!  I was so happy to see that everyone in my family had the same opinion as I did about David.

Dave and I got engaged about two weeks before my 31st birthday.  We have been actively pursuing wedding plans ever since.  Boy is it expensive!  Talk about a test of your relationship!   But I have the confidence that we will work through every last detail with our now fine-tuned compromising abilities that we have perfected these last few years together. 

Now we get to live happily ever after!

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