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eHarmony Success Stories

So Close Yet So Far

Cindy and Jeremiah

Somonauk, IL

I just wanted to write and say we were officially married 10-20-2007. Jeremiah and I met on eHarmony.com, though it's strange how we didn't meet before. We lived about 5 miles from each other. My father has been his family’s plumber for about 11 years. Jeremiah worked with my mother and brother at a local restaurant in the town we both lived in. We also have a dog named Odie. Strange enough five years ago Jeremiah bought Odie from my mom. I drove to Ohio to pick Odie up from the breeder, but was not there when Jeremiah came to pay and pick him up from my mom. Now we have a house and OUR dog Odie lives with us! So he started out with my family, went to Jeremiah's family, and now we are a family. Of all the people we both knew, we never ran into each other until eHarmony matched us up. So THANK YOU!!!! You did a perfect job!!!!

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