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eHarmony Success Stories

So Close Yet So Far

Matt and Heather

Atlanta, GA

She's the one I've been waiting to meet my entire life. Heather shared the same experience, it just took longer. The process of signing up and figuring out what you really want in someone was far superior on eHarmony than the other sites. The first time we spoke it was for 2 hours over the phone and as it turned out we only lived 5 miles apart. We both had a good feeling from our conversation and decided to meet the following evening. Things went so well that I asked her if she had plans for the New Year and as luck would have it she said she would love to spend it with me. Everything felt so comfortable and easy. Before long we found ourselves inseparable. Funny how it takes the World Wide Web to bring 2 people like us together that lives so close to one another but probably would not have met otherwise. It's obvious that eHarmony works.

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