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So Close Yet So Far

Erin and Alan

Jacksonville Beach, Florida

After many emails back and forth I finally asked him out for drinks after thinking, "Is this guy ever going to ask me out?".  We started slow, only one or two dates a week, both trying not to scare each other.  By Thanksgiving I was taking him home to spend it with my family which tied my stomach in knots hoping they liked him and he liked them.  

As time went on we knew we were each other's perfect.  

In September of 2012 we found out my Dad had terminal cancer.  Alan was there for me every step of the way.  Driving me to the hospital on the weekends that was 2 hours away to holding me when I just melted into tears. We knew we would marry one day and talked about it quite a bit.  One weekend when we were at the hospital, just us and my Dad, Alan asked for me to excuse them. 

He told my Dad how much I meant to him and wanted to have his permission for my hand.  My Dad was thrilled.  After we left the hospital my Dad called my Uncle, Mom, etc. to let them know that Alan asked him though he never spilled the time table of when the actual engagement was coming.  In November my Dad passed away but he knew that I was going to be taken care of.  

The second week of December surrounded by luminaries and a star projector on the ceiling Alan proposed with a beautiful ring that was illuminated by a tiny light in the box (his Electrical Engineering side came out in that!).  It was perfect.  We are now planning our wedding for September 14, 2013. 

I would have never met him without eHarmony.  We lived in the same town but our circles never touched.  He was a source of light when I was in darkness.  I know my Dad is so very happy and will be there in spirit in September. 

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