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eHarmony Success Stories

So Close Yet So Far

Rebecca and Julian

Springfield, Oregon

From the way he answered the questions and how he represented himself, I could picture myself with him; the handsome picture only enhanced what I read. How Julian came across on his profile is exactly how he is in life, and I was smitten. 

He liked me, too, and we kept in touch over some busy transitional times in our lives, before starting to seriously date almost exactly a year later; we have been together ever since (more than two years). 

What makes our relationship amazing...for starters, it always boggles my mind that I could have crossed paths with this amazing man from an entirely different part of the world, in this smallish city we live in many, many times, but never would have met him without eHarmony. He was here, and I was literally walking around,  driving through, and eating at restaurants in his neighborhood, and I had never met him. 

After nearly three years of our initial match, and two years of dating, we decided to start our family and get married.  We had a beautiful ceremony on the beach on Maui, and our son will be born late summer. 

My husband is everything he seemed to be, and more. Every day our love grows, and increases in ways I never expected. My initial impression was "I can see myself sharing my life with this man!", and now I am immersed in a love and partnership I never dared dream of. 

Every time we see an eharmony commercial on tv, we smile at each other, and jokingly say,  "Those people are acting-that never really happens!" And we laugh. 

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