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So Close Yet So Far

Sharaine and Randall

Thornton, CO

Dear eHarmony,  

We are writing to share our story and let you know that we are a part of the eHarmony successes. At 44, I had been divorced for 10 years and had dated some, tried, all with no positive results. was not nearly so intense in its criteria for matches. Picking someone based on looks was very superficial.   The fact that I am deaf also made it harder to meet educated gentlemen who were responsible and knew how to treat their partner well.  Randall, at 48, had never been married. He’d dated over the years, tried, too, all to no avail. He told people, “someone’s married to my wife!”  

eHarmony was the perfect solution for us. We both knew that the online profile was far more detailed and resulted in better matches. I went online hoping to meet a friend; if it resulted in more, terrific, but I didn’t harbor any real hope of ever finding another man.  Randall was more hopeful and persistent. As soon as I saw him in my matches, I was intrigued. The fact that he loves animals and photography were two huge positives in his favor right off the bat. I also asked him if he’d ever met a deaf person and how he would feel about being involved with someone with a significant hearing loss. (I hear nothing at all unless I put on my cochlear implant. With the CI on, I function hard of hearing in one ear and have no hearing in the other). I found Randall’s responses encouraging and not at all patronizing. My shared interest in animals and photography made me attractive to Randall.  

On June 19, 2004, we met at Village Inn for breakfast. Our initial meeting went very well. Much to our amazement, we found we live only 1.5 miles apart! Thornton, Colorado is a suburb of Denver. It’s quite large. We were stunned to find we lived so close to one another! Soon we were taking day trips to the Rockies to take pictures and see the wildlife, taking his dog, Molly, along with us. Things just clicked. Eventually, we introduced Molly to my cats, Sophie and Tess and Shiloh. The animals gradually learned how to get along and we grew closer and closer. I’d never known love to be so easy.   

On February 5, 2005, Randall proposed to me in front on 19,000 other Denver Nuggets fans, via the Jumbotron. He had conspired with the Nuggets’ public relations office, to have the Kiss Cam on us during a timeout in the game.  Here it was the 3rd quarter and a timeout in the game; the camera closed in on four other couples before we were there. I suddenly saw us on the Jumbotron and said, “oh my gosh, it’s us” and we kissed. Randall then patted my arm and asked me to keep looking at the screen.  I was confused because we were still on the screen. Then, the words, “Sharaine, will you marry me?  -Randall” appeared on the screen. My jaw just dropped. I was so surprised! I eagerly said YES!  Randall had also arranged for Rocky, the Nuggets’ mascot, to bring me a bouquet of flowers. Randall pulled a gorgeous ring out of his pocket and placed it on my ring finger. Rocky had the entire 19,000 fans clapping and the announcer said, “She said yes. Congratulations Randall and Sharaine!”  

On August 5th, we closed on our new home. We were married on September 25, 2005. Randall and I are a terrific match and we thank eHarmony so much for providing us a viable means of meeting. Without eHarmony, we would never have found each other.  


Sharaine and Randall

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