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eHarmony Success Stories

So Close Yet So Far

Amanda and Ken

Marietta, GA

On December 2, 2007 I was sitting at my computer when I saw a "match" email from eHarmony.  I was a little frustrated with online dating at the time and was not all that excited about another match but decided "why not, I've paid the subscription."  When I opened the email I couldn't believe it!  I actually knew the guy in the picture but I hadn't seen him in 20+ years!  I knew without a doubt that the guy in the picture, Ken, was my 7th grade boyfriend (he was in 8th)!  Typical of a middle school romance, ours didn't last.  We didn't really have the same group of friends so we just lost touch over the years.  I immediately chose the Fast Track email to contact him.  I didn't want to sound crazy and come right out with "you were my 7th grade boyfriend," so I asked some questions that I knew how he would answer.  We met for coffee a few days later, dated for a year and a half and got married on July 16, 2009!!! Thank you eHarmony for bringing us back together after all these years!!!!

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