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So Close Yet So Far

Melinda and Rich

Blakely, PA

I was watching television the other day, and an ad came on for an upcoming show. The ad caught my attention, because the narrator said that in New York City, it is estimated a person walks past the one they are going to marry three times before they ever meet! Wow! The funny thing is I probably walked by Rich a few hundred times before you introduced us! You see, Rich and I grew up in the same town where we were a year apart in the same high school-we even played in the marching band together for a year! There were only 50 kids in the band and we practiced together every day. We saw each other every day and never struck up a friendship-never mind a romance!  

Like everyone else who uses your service, Rich and I both found ourselves single at a time when we were ready to be in love. I had seen your commercials and liked the sounds of what you were offering. When I visited your site, I felt more confident in your service with each new thing I saw-from the extensive questionnaire to the guided communication process. It is impressive and reassuring. I had used other dating sites before, and never felt as confident in their ability to match me with someone suitable for me as I did in you. My confidence was well placed! I was only a member for a month when you matched me with Rich, and as soon as I read his profile, I knew he was someone I could really enjoy knowing! His responses to each question made me more interested in him. We followed your communication steps, and a month after our initial introduction, we spoke for the first time. That conversation was so exciting! Rich was as interesting and kind as he seemed in his profile. Since that first day, we have spoken every day! Our initial conversations were hours long, but they seemed like minutes! I could not wait to meet this man-and the excitement was not all one sided, I can tell you that!  

Our first date was so amazing! Before the date, I was nervous, but the minute I saw him, I felt my nervousness transform to a feeling I can only describe as thrilled! I loved his face-it was kind and friendly; I thought his choice of clothes was perfect, and the restaurant where we met was a great pick on his part! He said if he could design his perfect woman-he’d have made me! One of the best things about our first date was the timing! We met the day before my birthday, so Rich was the first person to wish me Happy Birthday as the clock stuck midnight! I’ve never had a better birthday gift in my life than the one you have given me-the man of my dreams, and the person I admire and love beyond my ability to express. Thanks to your help, we finally did strike up a romance and we couldn’t be more perfectly suited to one another. I truly never even dreamed someone could be so perfect- it’s like he was made just for me! We will be married on February 28, 2008 in St Thomas and I see a lifetime of happiness in store for us. I don’t know anyone who is as thankful for their mate or as happy together as we are.

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