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Fatima-Zahra and Travis

New York, New York

I signed up for 3 months with eHarmony. I was matched with Travis pretty early on and after being on eHarmony for 2.5 months I finally decided to go on my first date using eHarmony. That first date was with Travis at the Bryant Park Hotel Bar. After thinking he had stood me up because he was not answering his phone when I got there, I was trying to catch a taxi to leave when he started to call and text apologizing saying he had no service. He convinced me to walk back to the bar for 1 drink and the rest was history.

We are perfectly compatible whether it be in stubbornness or in love for other cultures. He proposed right in front of the Bryant Park Hotel Bar one year later in the middle of the sidewalk out front. 1 year after that, we had a traditional Moroccan wedding in my hometown in Rabat, Morocco Dec. 28, 2012 and on March 2nd, 2013 we had a non-denominational American ceremony in Newport Beach, CA for his family. 

Once in a while we reminisce at how fortunate we are that our paths crossed. Me being finishing up my Masters in New York at a time where I was considering moving to DC or back to Morocco for employment and he was counting the weeks until he could leave his job in New York and return to the army. To this day, Travis stills says "That night when I saw you walking back towards me as I waited for you in front of the Bryant Park Hotel, I was telling myself 'Oh man I really hope I didn't screw this up'!" I love our somewhat corny story, but it is all thanks to eHarmony. We are huge advocates and always recommend that our friends give it a shot. 

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