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Jun and Erin

Columbia, MD

Erin and I were both very busy professionals who were in our 30s, living in downtown Baltimore. Living in the city there were plenty of bars and nightlife to be had. I was active sport social clubs and Erin had her close knit group of friends... But we were both tired of the typical bar and dating scene..  Which drew both of us to eHarmony.

The funniest thing about our match from eHarmony is that Erin is Caucasian and I am Asian... she's a liberal Democrat and I'm a conservative Republican… she loves art and theatre... and I am a sports fanatic...

In a normal dating scene, we probably would not even have met or met but never gave each other another thought. Both of us had growing up a mindset of that we are not the type to get married, settle down and have 2.3 kids with a minivan in the suburbs with a white picket fence.  We both saw ourselves as busy professionals who wanted to conquer the world in our profession.

Yet eHarmony had another path for us. Our first date was on the leap day 2004. Erin says that I was her 2nd eHarmony date and Erin was my 6th... so it didn't take too long. We met at a popular steakhouse in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore and I told this her later but had she ordered a fish or chicken at this steakhouse, there would not have been a second date, but she indeed ordered steak.

So the evening went well, and as we parted that night she told me she was leaving on a vacation to Florida so I told her I would see her when she returned. Erin called me from her vacation few days later... this is when I knew she was hooked. Despite our political differences and other differences we saw each others' inner personalities and fell in love with them.

And as the cliché goes, the rest is history.  We got married after 2 years of dating and just recently celebrated our 3rd anniversary few weeks ago. Now we are living in the suburbs of Baltimore city in a single family home with an energetic dog and beautiful 19 month old son (I wish I could have sent you his picture instead of ours). We don't have a white picket fence and I doubt we will ever buy a minivan but thanks to eHarmony, Erin and I have found true happiness in our family that we never dreamed could be had.

Every time we watch eHarmony commercials we turn to each other with a smile. No words are said but we both know what we are thinking.  Thanks eHarmony.  

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