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Marlo and Brett

Valley Village, CA

We were on the same path, just apart from each other.  Both of us spent a lot of time building our careers.  Marlo, first as a TV news reporter, then lawyer and now producer and Brett in branded entertainment.  And we both dated, often, just all the wrong people until Marlo rejoined eHarmony for the third time and Brett was also on the site. 

On November 6, 2007 when Brett sent Marlo a short email through fast track.  “I thought you had a great profile and wanted to send you a quick note. Let me know if you would like to chat.  Have a great day. - Brett.”  But when Marlo read his profile, she instantly thought, “no match” because every other answer related to his dogs, Angus and Molly.  What can’t you live without? “My dogs.”  What are you most passionate about?  “My dogs.”  What are you most thankful for? “My dogs.” What do you do for fun? “Hike with my dogs.”  Who inspires you the most? “My dogs.”  (Kidding, his brother, but you get the point.)  The issue was that Marlo wasn’t a dog person at all!  Yet still, something made her respond, albeit curtly, “Thanks for the compliment...sure, let's chat...or at least play Jewish industry geography with the people we probably know in common. HA.  Marlo.”  Yes, she was kind of blowing him off already. Brett responded: “I am recovering from having some family in town... but let’s talk later in the week.”
By the time Brett called Marlo later that week, she was already in New Jersey visiting her parents for the Thanksgiving holiday.  He continued to call every day, multiple times a day and we had nice conversations.  Then the email and instant messages started popping up.  Marlo honestly didn’t know whether to be impressed or annoyed because she was on vacation! 

Then Brett said we had a mutual friend which he noticed on Marlo’s LinkedIn, of course, Marlo instantly called the mutual friend and asked about this “Brett guy.”  They worked together a few years earlier and our friend said, “He’s one of the nicest guys you will ever meet in your lifetime.”
Marlo came home from vacation on a Saturday and our first date was on a Sunday, November 25th at the Griffith Observatory.  Marlo  arrived to find Brett walking to her car in camouflage pants and a beige cashmere sweater with a hole under the arm and a hole in the elbow.  Not kidding.  Again, Marlo thought, "Absolutely, no way."   His snoring in the  planetarium could have been the icing on the cake, but there was something about this guy…the way he carried himself, his confidence that never bled over to arrogance, his smile, and his down to earth personality.  The next day, Brett left for a week to Mexico for a wedding.  When he came back, we had our second date—Bingo.  A guy who will say yes when you suggest bingo is a keeper.  Then Marlo left for Austin for four days.  The third date was a concert…and we kissed.

Brett’s mother and father came to town two weeks later and Marlo got them tickets to see the Rose Parade from her company's grandstand.  Brett invited Marlo to the parade, and then to New Year’s Eve dinner with more family members, but Marlo felt like it was a little too early to meet a big group, though she was curious.  Instead she suggested they walk around the Rose Parade floats the day before with his parents.   We walked around and then ate lunch with his parents, when his mother asked, “Do you want to join us for New Year’s Eve?  Marlo instantly thought, “I can’t tell his mother I don’t want to spend New Year’s Eve with her son!”  So she said yes. 

On New Year’s Eve we were at a table of fifteen and yet, we were completely engrossed in each other.  Brett’s 40th birthday a month later, Marlo met his 200 close friends. For his birthday, she took him to Palm Desert and gave him a customized cartoon of us, how we met, and our dates up through New Year’s Eve.  The cartoon was entitled “Brett & Marlo – The Beginning” which gave Brett pause for just a few moments.  Okay, he turned white until she said, “If it doesn’t work out, you can throw it away.”  We had only been dating a little over two months and she simply thought it was a cute idea…but the words “The Beginning” were a little too much for him….still, he never pulled back and forged forward (and pretended he didn’t freak out until she called him out on it).

Since then, it’s been one fun adventure after another…his parents’ house for the Jewish Holidays, hers for summer fun.  A trip Sequoia High Sierra Camp for five star camping with a private chef!   One week before our one year anniversary of the day we met, Brett brought Marlo up to the Observatory on a ruse of needing to pick up a science poster for his niece and nephew on our way out to meet a friend for dinner.  He walked Marlo through the observatory and to the gift shop where he picked up a poster!  Marlo hoped the devastation didn’t show on her face when she realized he really did need to pick up a poster and an engagement wasn’t happening.   What Marlo didn’t know was he used the same cartoon artist she used for his birthday gift and continued our story in Chapter 2.  Marlo opened the poster to make sure it was the right one for the kids and was confused by the cartoon.  She looked up at him and was met with a beautiful engagement ring in her face and the words “Marlo Brawer will you marry me?”   Crying and kissing ensued. 

When we called our parents, you could hear their joy through the phone (Brett describes his mother’s reaction as winning the lottery and Marlo’s mother had the same reaction!) 

On May 24, 2009 we were married during an intimate ceremony in front of our 50 closest family and friends on the beach at Amelia Island Plantation in Florida. After the wedding, we observed Yichud, a private time between a husband and wife. That is where Marlo gave Brett Chapter 3 of the poster that continues our story.

It’s not often that you can meet the right person at our age. (Brett was 39 and Marlo was 37 when we met). Neither of us were previously married and neither of us had children from previous relationships.  We truly know how lucky we are and try every day to make each other feel special.  

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