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Renata and Joe

Hollywood, FL

Because we were both deeply true to ourselves on eHarmony, we were able to be matched and have made a connection to last a life-time.

Joe's father passed away 3 years ago, lost to cancer.  My mother passed away 4 years ago, cause unknown.  We both suffered terrible losses, and had moved on with our lives.  However, having experienced similar painful experiences, and the strength that we developed to move on with our lives, seems to have made our bond ever more special and unique.

I feel so blessed to have not only a life partner, but an amazing mother in law.  And Joe too, has a father that welcomes him lovingly into our family.

Our similar losses are far from the only thing that makes Joe and I special.  To begin with, Joe is the easy going, happy go lucky guy that I needed to lighten up my life.  I, like his mother did for his father, bring him back to earth when his ideas get larger than life.  Yet we both know how to just have fun and laugh.  And the most important thing in a relationship; we communicate with each other.

Joe is a sales manager for a computer company and he never brings work home.  I am a veterinarian, and am so grateful to work in such a contrasting field.  Work is something that we both do and love, but can leave behind.  Yet, if I need to bring a snake, bird or pot-bellied pig home for care, Joe is patient and understanding.  He is an animal lover through and through.  Within one month of seeing each other we adopted a dog that was hit by a car and abandoned at my clinic.  Joe and I both fell in love with her, Sassafras, and committed to keeping her together. 

Our differences complement each other so well, but it is our similarities that allow us to forgive each other our faults and find laughter in most things.  We are both very intelligent, but goofy people.  We both forget our wallets and sunglasses places, lose the keys, break a glass, but let it go because we understand each other.

I know that all couples enjoy each other and have many sappy things to say.  But I know that eHarmony was successful in matching us for long-term compatibility.  As the novelty and excitement of a new partner fade, there has to be substance there to keep a couple together.

By using eHarmony, we found each other in a city that is transient and often superficial.  Joe and I had both dated numerous people that in our opinion had no substance.  In Joe, I found someone trustworthy with strong family values and a good nature.  I know that he feels the same way about me.

Thanks eHarmony for helping us to find each other.

Joe had been married and divorced, and I had lived with the wrong person for several years.  All of the clichés rang true when we dated.  Things like "you know once you meet the right person that they are for you".  Friends had told me for years that a relationship should not feel so difficult.  With Joe it is easy.

When I tell people that eHarmony is how we met, they say wow, if you can we can.  I have referred many friends and even colleagues to eHarmony.

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