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Emily and David

Clinton Township, MI

We were matched during a real critical time in David's life. Shortly after we were matched David found out he had a brain tumor and had to undergo major surgery. I was blown away at how strong and courageous he knowing he might not come-out of this surgery alive or full functional. The week leading up to his surgery we spent many hours on the phone and I fell in love with someone I thought was too good to be true. He encouraged me and made me want to be a better person. He made it through surgery and found out the tumor was not cancerous! The only down fall to the tumor was he lost hearing in one ear and half his face didn't have movement. During this time I lived in California and David was in Michigan. We met a few months later and we knew if this was going to work we would have to be closer so we both offered to move to each-other’s state. It was easier for me to move so I did so March of 2006.

We married October 2006 a year from when we were matched on eHarmony. Six months later I was pregnant. Our son Caleb is now eight months old and a total blessing to our lives. No words can describe how wonderful it feels to have a son with the love of my life.

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