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Steve and Kim

Huntington Beach, CA

The first thing I noticed about my match was my ease and comfort level when communicating with Kim. She was so easy to talk to and to get to know. It was like I had known her for years and years. Her positive personality, successful career and great outlook on life all were qualities that I strive to find in others. eHarmony spent the most money up front on technology that would help put two people together. All other sites were like an internet version of a singles bar. Not one on those sites had much honesty. They were either trying to be someone they weren't or had qualities that were complete opposite of my own.

It took me longer to set up my profile on eHarmony but the site did all of the heavy lifting. All I had to do was be myself, which your company constantly encourages and let the rest work itself out. We married on 3/5/06 and just had our 1st beautiful child named Megan Ann. We are delighted to bring this little joy into this magnificent world. We look forward to enjoying our lives together and we can definitely say that without eHarmony we never would have met and that would have been the worst mistake either of us ever would make.

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