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Bryan and Sara

Omaha, NE

Everyone used to tell us we were moving too fast because we fell in love in a matter of weeks. Through my eyes however, Bryan was the man of my dreams. I've never in my life met someone who knew me so well inside and out, and I have eHarmony to thank for finding my perfect match. I actually quit my job and relocated my life just to be with him; now we have our own house and life together.

He proposed to me on our one year anniversary; so August of 2008. We were engaged for a few months planning the wedding until we found out about our surprise bundle of joy. I found out I was pregnant in June of 2009, and we sped up the wedding to June 26th of that same year.

Now we have a beautiful, healthy baby boy and the family we've always dreamed of.

People shouldn't be so skeptical of online dating. But sometimes the people you are meant to be with just need a little help in finding you. Thank you eHarmony for completely changing my life and helping me achieve my lifelong dream: marrying my soulmate.

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