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Jeff and Heidi

Waynesboro, PA

I just wanted to say thank you and express how delighted my new wife (Heidi) and are!!... On March 18, 2004 Heidi and I began to communicate using eHarmony. On April 18, 2004 Heidi and I met up and began a relationship. On October 29, 2005 Heidi and I were married!!!! June 26, 2006 was the birth of our first child!!! Unbelievable...!!!!!!


The incredible thing is that both Heidi and I weren't expecting to actually meet someone especially someone that lived 3 hours away (I lived outside Philadelphia, Pa and Heidi lived 3 hours south in Pa. on the Maryland border). However after just the first meeting, we both knew that this was something different, something real. After about a year and a half, we married and are living in Heidi's hometown as happy as can be!!!


I will say this, we have told EVERYONE how we met on eHarmony and it is only due to you that two people living hours apart and totally separate lives could have been able to find each other and true love and happiness!

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