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How to make UX and Agile work better together

September 19, 2017

As a UX Manager, I’m constantly looking for ways to make our process more efficient, effective and enjoyable. The good thing is there’s no one-size-fits-all process. But that also makes it hard to define for your particular situation. With that in mind, the our team at eharmony has made recent changes that can help inform […]

Lambda Architecture for Fault Tolerant Applications

May 1, 2016

The most heavily visited page on is the My Matches page, where users go to find out about the people we’ve identified as their best matches. The System which supports this use case is very critical for the business. In this blog post, I’ll discuss the architecture of this system… In the background, all […]

Fastlane iOS Release Automation

April 29, 2016

At eHarmony, we aim to deploy rapidly to our mobile platforms. Lately it’s become increasingly complicated to release all our native mobile applications both domestically and internationally. In the past we relied on custom tools to automate the process, which added development overhead. Now we’ve adopted Fastlane tools; with just a few lines of code, […]

Enhancing RESTful Services with Manifest Data

February 17, 2016

Enhancing your RESTful services with key environment metadata in your Manifest files is a core step towards creating a universal application status dashboard for all the API versions in all your environments. One advantage of having RESTful services is enabling and advocating their use outside your team, especially since integration with RESTful APIs is so […]

Achieving Stability and End-to-End Monitoring

January 19, 2016

At the AppSphere 2015 Conference, Stace Baal’s talk covered how monolithic applications have given way to modular applications, with the goal of solving larger problems by breaking them into smaller problems. Similarly, large-scale development processes have been forcibly broken into smaller agile development cycles… Trends in software development and modern lightweight platforms lead us toward […]

Using React as Backbone’s view layer

January 15, 2016

Here at eHarmony, we’re always keeping an eye out for new technologies. This serves a dual purpose: to see if there are opportunities to accelerate our product development velocity and to keep our engineering staff challenged and engaged. React has been gaining traction as a front-end technology and we wanted to try it out. At […]

Spark and Scala: a Compatible Match

January 7, 2016

At eHarmony, a critical piece of the engineering puzzle is finding the right tool for the job. Recently we rewrote part of our match notification email system (which delivers the profiles of new matches to our users). We implemented a set of tools to simplify the system and make it more efficient, utilizing Apache Spark […]

One Year Anniversary Swift Meetup

August 7, 2015

The eHarmony Mobile development team recently organized a Swift LA meetup to discuss some of the exciting new features revealed at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2015. Find out about new features in Swift 2, useful tools for working with Swift, and how to migrate existing projects to Swift. eHarmony’s Mobile Development team recently organized […]

Taking MongoDB to Production

August 4, 2015

MongoDB makes it extraordinarily easy to get your first application up and running. Unfortunately, some of the very things that make that possible—such as self-descriptive, schema-less data—can actually become headaches once you’re maintaining that application at scale over the long term. A while back, I gave a talk to the LAMongoDB user group on the […]

In Pursuit of Messaging Brokers

June 27, 2015

During this session I will present the path we have taken to: Prioritize Features -> Compare Brokers -> Eliminate -> Benchmark I’ll discuss the findings, together with our recommendations. Messaging Brokers are intrinsic part of our infrastructure. At eHarmony, we have historically used HornetQ, which failed to meet our needs. We have experienced issues that forced us to […]

Redis at eHarmony as a Store and Cache

June 26, 2015

There are few options when evaluating low latency in-memory Cache or Store solutions, and Redis is at the top of the list. Redis is an open source, advanced key-value Cache and Store; it is often referred to as a data structure server. In this blog post, I’ll discuss how we use Redis at eHarmony as […]