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Your Profile Photo Is Worth a Thousand Words

A quick scan of the reader comments on eHarmony Advice will show you that one of the most common topics of discussion is PHOTOS. Most opinions concern three issues.

  1. Does posting photos help my chances of success on eHarmony?
  2. How do I upload more photos or better photos?
  3. How do I get my matches to post more photos?

Let’s start with the first question. Users who post a photo are nine times more likely to receive communication! So without a doubt, posting a photo makes a big difference in terms of meeting compatible matches on eHarmony. Regarding the last two issues, we’ve added three important features to help with both questions.  

Photo Nudge

This new feature gives you an opportunity to reach out to a match who has sparked your interest and say, “Hi.  I’m interested. Please post a photo.” The match you choose to “nudge” will get a friendly notice that you would like them to upload a photo.  The notice includes a link to expert tips on which photos work best and how they can easily upload a photo file. We’re confident that a word from you will give your matches the extra motivation they need to choose some great photos and get them on the site.

How to Use Photo Nudge

When you open a match’s About Me page, you will either see their photo in the upper left corner or a placeholder that reads, “Request My Photo.”  To send a Photo Nudge, just click on this placeholder. Your match will automatically receive a nudge, and you’ll see a date stamp that indicates when you sent it.

Photo Upload Wizard*

This new feature asks you a series of questions and then uses your answers to suggest the best photo option for you.  It takes all the guesswork out of getting great shots on eHarmony.

Photo Max

We’ve decided that 4 photos just aren’t enough. The new Photo Max feature will let you upload up to 12 photos in an easier-to-use, zoom-friendly format. One of the keys to success on eHarmony is letting people experience the real you and the details of your life.  Now you can use more photos to give your matches a wider look into the passions that make you unique.

You’ve probably already posted some headshot photos.  Now it’s time to get creative.  Go ahead, post that shot of you singing your lungs out at The Police concert.  Upload that photo of you in your cheesiest Halloween costume.  If a photo is worth 1,000 words, you will soon have 8,000 more ways to share yourself. *The photo upload wizard is currently available to U.S. customers only.