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Your Photo Gallery: Tell the Story of your Life

Telling your story is much more than your thoughtful profile answers or your witty prose, it’s the entire package of information and images in your profile. You can utilize your pictures as a virtual scrapbook that emphasizes who you are, showing potential matches your personality.

In order to garner the most interest, try taking an active role in the planning and production of your profile. Present your story in eye-catching layers to lure the scanning reader, inserting thoughtful photos to make the visitor stop and pay attention.

Keep it Real

The main photo should be a realistic representation of you. Don’t worry about those few extra pounds or a less-than-perfect smile. Present an accurate portrayal of yourself as the sole subject, featuring a few different angles, an up-close and personal shot and a full body photo. The first step is to be honest with yourself and the qualities that you are looking for in a mate. Then, you must also be forthright in who you are to others.

Feature Fido

Insert a photo of you and your pet to show off your softer side. Your relationship with your four-legged friend exhibits care and respect for other living beings and that you aren’t afraid of the commitment of a relationship. Pets can help to demonstrate your fun side, too, fetching a Frisbee on the beach or a roll around on the front lawn. With more than 40 million people enjoying the benefits of furry comrades, you are bound to find a like-minded match.

Show Off your Hobbies

Show your profile visitors what you love to do. By highlighting your possible commonalities, you reach out to others that are fellow enthusiasts. Feature a shot of you surfing that elusive “Endless Summer” wave, cheering on your favorite sports team in full fan regalia or maybe on stage portraying Horatio in your community theater production. Take a photo of you in your element, displaying your passion and practice, and quite possibly find another devotee.


You work hard to advance yourself, so underscore your accomplishments in your profile photos. A picture of you and your team crossing the finish line, receiving your doctorate in the black cap and gown or reaching the summit of that impossible climb exhibits your will to finish something and the dedication that took you to your goal.

Go Back in the Day

Some of the best laughs are based on real occurrences, so harness the comedic relief of those what-was-I-thinking times. Feature a shot of you as an awkward preteen with big glasses and bigger hair, or maybe you in a goofy Groucho Marx nose and glasses set. Funny photos from less than perfect times reveal the ability to laugh at yourself and show your fun side.

Family Ties

Children, siblings, friends or your parents are your heart and soul, so highlight the strength in those relationships. Be careful not to turn your profile into an overwhelming slideshow from the family vacation to the Grand Canyon or last summer’s family reunion. Display a few photos of the family to offer the visitor a glimpse of your priorities and dedication to them.

Living it Up

What does it mean to you about having a great life? Are you most at home alone in front of an easel? Do you love to be with a dozen friends by the pool? Are you happiest digging in the dirt and gardening out back? Show potential mates the things that enrich your life, your favorite vacation spot or an activity that you do in your free time to offer a real glimpse into your interests, instead of just a questionnaire answer.

Treat your profile photos as a way for a visitor to see into your life, nudging them to stop and stay awhile. Just like your personality, your pictures should each offer a glimpse of the details told as a part of a complete set. You are not one dimensional, so why just feature one picture? Instead, introducing diverse backgrounds, various angles and interesting pieces of your life paints a more accurate picture of the many layers of you.