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Your Part in the eHarmony Process

In today’s world of hype and advertised exaggeration, most companies want to make their product sound capable of doing everything. The fictional people in the advertisements smile and tell you how great and wonderful everything is now because they use this toothpaste or that motor oil. Over the years consumer expectations rise, as products improve and upgrades occur. In the personal growth industry, these products seem to continually ask less of you to achieve the amazing results.

Lose 20 pounds while you sleep! Get rock hard abs in just 7 minutes a day!

The easy ways for you to look and feel better without much effort on your part are all over late night television. Do you ever just wish people would level with you? Do you ever look at a beautiful model in one of these commercials and want to ask if she used this product to get in shape? It seems like a conspiracy to keep the real path to success hidden while promising dead end, fly-by-night solutions that can’t work.

In a world of false fixes and nonsense solutions, eHarmony is blazing a new path. eHarmony wants to give you the real map to success and it starts with this realization:


eHarmony Isn’t a Magic Box


You don’t put your quarter in, answer a few questions, push a button, and have a spouse pop out. We don’t send you perfect people who have worked out all their problems and challenges. We can’t guarantee that every highly compatible match you receive will flip your chemistry switch and be physically attractive. eHarmony is a real service that matches you with real people. The real truth is: if you’re using eHarmony, we are in a partnership that requires lots of hard work on both sides.


The Work You Have to Do


When you see the muscle-bound guy on television selling the little pills that will help you get his muscles. We all know that he spent endless hours in the gym to look like that. We know that a bodybuilder’s body only comes with lots and lots of hard work. I can promise you that finding a great person with eHarmony is work. It’s work that feels great, because you know that you’re really making progress. Imagine this:


You’re in a room with 20 people from all over the country. They’ve been brought there especially because they are highly compatible with you. They have the same feelings about important issues. They share your values. At the end of the day, you’re going to pick one person as a date.


So you start considering each person. It’s work, because you aren’t just talking…you’re judging, probing, screening. Every single person in that room is suited to your personality, but you start to notice as you work through them all:


One person loves Opera. You hate Opera.

One person is a passionate sailor. You get seasick.

One person has bright orange hair. You normally don’t care for that, but they are very funny.

One person is a passionate environmentalist. You aren’t.


Pretty soon you may start to think…”I thought these people were supposed to be compatible with me!”


They are compatible with you. They match your intelligence, organization, and creativity. Their questionnaire score links to your spiritual, political, and moral values. They share your verbal intimacy and listening skills. But your job is to determine if they match your hobbies and interests. You have to judge whether there is chemistry between you both. You are going to find that some matches just aren’t exactly what you want.


eHarmony is the best way to meet like-minded, emotionally healthy, single adults. But it is just the beginning of the relationship process. Once you and a match have made it through our guided process you are really just starting to do the work of learning about each other and creating a brilliant relationship.