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Online Dating 101: Photos

Step 2: Your Photos

When it comes to selecting the best photos for your profile, you don’t want to choose just any old snapshot. You need the right photo-the kind that captures the real you, and attracts and shows your matches who you really are.

1. Make your primary photo sing –

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, make sure you’re saying your best-smiling, with eyes wide open; they are the windows to the soul.

2. Showcase your style with your secondary photos –

Secondary photos are those viewed when a match clicks in to your primary photo to see more photos of you. Secondary photos are a great opportunity to showcase your personal style, so long as you stick to these commonsense photo tips and eHarmony Photo Guidelines.

3. The Medium is the Message


Cell phones and Web cams may seem convenient, but pictures come across grainy and shady. Get a hold of a good digital camera, take traditional film photos and scan at a high resolution, or have them professionally taken.

Another option: Professional Photos


Long gone are the days when you’d get your picture taken every year in school. Professional photos are another way to guarantee great pictures for your profile. Photographers and photo studios are easy to come by and headshots needn’t cost a ton of money. Plus, professional image quality is far superior than most do-it-yourself options.

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