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eHarmony’s Realists and Romantics Weigh in on Valentine’s Day

You know we’re doing our best to help you find the love of your life this Valentine’s Day.  But how do your eHarmony representatives view Valentine’s Day in their own lives?  Here are the thoughts and feelings about Valentine’s Day from some of your Customer Care team members…

Matt says: “This is my first Valentine’s Day being divorced, so it’s very different for me.  My focus has shifted from romance to doing something for my kids, and celebrating my dad’s birthday, which is on Valentine’s Day.  For me, it’s more about self-reflection right now, working on myself so that next year, maybe I’ll really be celebrating Valentine’s Day with someone special.”

Fred says: “When you’re in a committed relationship, especially if that’s your first Valentine’s Day together, you really want to make it special, because it sets the tone for the years to come.  Even if you don’t have time to go on a big date, just try to do a little something to acknowledge the other person and let them know you’re thinking about them.  If you’re not in a relationship, love is in the air, so people are thinking about love more, and seeking it.  And you never know what could happen!”

Chanel says: “This is my first Valentine’s Day I’ll spend with someone special, so it’s a special one for me.  It’s not about getting expensive gifts or getting spoiled, it’s about spending that quality time together and exchanging the love.”

Justine says: “I’m single right now so it’s pretty much just another day for me.  I love walking down the aisles with all the Valentine’s Day items – cute singing toys, bears with hearts.  I enjoy that atmosphere.  I’ve found when in a relationship, it’s helpful not to put too much pressure on the other person.  If your expectations are too high, you could feel disappointed and hurt what the relationship is all about.”

Monica says: “When I was single, I was very jaded about all the consumerism and marketing of Valentine’s Day.  But when I met my husband, Valentine’s Day was like a big surprise gift, there was anticipation and excitement like, ‘What’s going to happen next?’ – kind of like Christmas Day.  I started to see all the Valentine’s Day ‘marketing’ as the world celebrating love and enhancing our love.  When you go to restaurants, they put out special things for you.  It makes you appreciate the person you’re with, thinking about how you got through tough times, and you’re so happy to have them in your life.”

Valentine (yes, that is her name) says:  “I’ve always been single on Valentine’s Day.  But if I were in a relationship, I wouldn’t want someone to feel obligated to do nice things for me just because it was Valentine’s Day.  People should do nice things for each other all the time.”

Ivory says: “I’m all about Valentine’s Day.  I’m taking my girlfriend to Downtown Disney.  It also happens to be our 6th year anniversary.  I can’t believe it’s been that long, it seems like no time has gone by at all.”

Brittany says: “My dad always used to give me candy and cards when I was little, but now, it seems like if you’re not in a relationship, it’s ‘Singles Awareness Day’.  So, instead of being sad, I get together with girl friends and celebrate being single.”

Michael says: “I love love – so I love Valentine’s Day.  It’s something to look forward to.  I’m not in a relationship, and choose to put my energy into optimism rather than negativity.  So I say if you don’t have someone, do something for your mother or sisters.  It’s a happy day!  When you’re in a relationship, it’s wonderful.  There’s nothing like that give and take of supporting each other, and Valentine’s Day is all about that.”

Michele says: “My single friends are often sarcastic and take Valentine’s Day seriously.  New couples might feel like the stakes are high to make the right impression.  But as a person who’s been married for a while, you don’t have the pressure of having to set the tone anymore.  You get to be yourself and be goofy with each other, give little notes or whatever.  Valentine’s Day gives me an excuse to be mushy!“

Tim says: “You could look at it as a day when you’re ‘forced to do something’ but I think of it as something that can be fun.  You want to do romantic things all the time, but it’s gives an extra incentive to sweep someone off their feet.  When I gave my girlfriend giant roses, it made her so happy.  It’s enjoyable for me to make someone that happy, so it works for everybody.”:)

Hope our eHarmony realists and romantics have given you some insights and perspectives on the holiday. 

What are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day?  We’d LOVE for you to share too.