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Challenging the Ten Biggest Excuses to Not Try Online Dating

If you’re still hesitant to give online dating a try, you’ve likely used one of the following excuses.

Here are the 10 biggest excuses to not try online dating — and our responses to them.

1. “I’d rather meet someone organically.” Wouldn’t everyone? Unfortunately, that’s not always reality. If you haven’t met someone organically, why not try a fresh approach in your search for love?

2. “There are too many scams out there.” Yes, there are scams. There are also legitimate dating sites with verifiable testimonials. Most of your friends are likely already dating online. When in doubt, ask for their recommendations. (Obvious suggestion: We like and trust eHarmony.)

3. “I don’t want anyone to know I met my significant other online.” The online-dating stigma is fast disappearing. Besides, isn’t it better to meet someone online, even if it hurts your pride a bit, than to never meet him/her at all? Do not let your ego get in the way of happiness.

4. “I don’t know which site to use.” If you’ve never dated online before, the options can be overwhelming. Ask your friends for recommendations and evaluate what you want your online-dating experience to look like. If you’re seeking someone from a specific faith background or you’re looking for a certain level of commitment, some sites will be better fits than others.

5. “I’ve never done it before.” Fear of the unknown should never be a reason to not do something. Before you decide online dating isn’t for you, give yourself a trial period on a dating site or two.

6. “I’m too busy.” That’s what online dating is for! Sites like eHarmony help you streamline the looking-for-love process by matching you with like-minded individuals in your area. Dating online can actually be quite time-efficient.

7. “Only socially awkward people use those sites.” Don’t preemptively judge online daters. If you’re considering using a site, it’s more than likely that an equally charming, intelligent, and hilarious singleton is doing the same.

8. “I’m too insecure.” Fear of rejection is a common excuse to avoid online dating. But if you can learn to get over the “nos” and get excited for the opportunities for more “yeses,” it becomes less about rejection and more about a new adventure in your life. If you meet someone and it doesn’t work out, that just means you are even closer to finding the right person for you.

9. “I don’t want to set up a public profile.” Then don’t. Free sites are more likely to use public profiles, so opt for a paid account on a site like eHarmony. Use privacy settings and some strategic web savvy — don’t use your full name or address-identifying photos on your profile — to ensure any personal information is safe.

10. “It won’t work.” You don’t know that. And for many, it does. Don’t let skepticism rob you of an opportunity to meet that special someone.

What has been your reason not to try online dating?