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An eHarmony Success Couple: Anna and Michael

Michael and I have known each other for seven months. In those seven months we e-mailed, telephoned, met, dated, found out he was being deployed to Iraq, became engaged, and married. No day passes that I don’t wonder how I became so lucky, or he doesn’t show me how much he loves me. It surprises most people we tell, but we met one another through eHarmony, and now recommend the site to anyone and everyone who needs love in their life.

Our story begins almost a year ago, when I lived with my parents in the middle of nowhere and had just gotten accepted to nursing school. I had been in one relationship after another with no connection, no infatuation, and no magic. My mom was the person who insisted on me joining eHarmony, and since mom is always right, I did. That was the best decision I ever made.

Nearly an hour away in a big city my husband was also newly single, had been dating around as well, and just wasn’t finding the magic he needed in his life. He had everything a young, handsome, single guy could ever want: a great job, a house, a nice car, and plenty of friends. He still wasn’t happy though because he needed love. One of his best childhood friends suggested he get online to find someone. Michael took that suggestion to heart and joined every online dating cite available, including eHarmony. Michael and I did not find each other right away, but dated other members of eHarmony first. We found out that you may not find the person you are meant to be with right away. Although the other members of eHarmony were nice, they just didn’t fit with us, and there was no magic. After having my matches turned “off” for a while I finally turned it back “on” May 3, 2008.

I was matched with Michael on May 7, 2008. For the duration of our eHarmony courtship I was intrigued by Michael. I couldn’t get over how he seemed so perfect from his profile, which made me curious yet cautious at the same time. He really did have everything I was looking for, and we soon began chatting through e-mail, online messengers, and telephone. Realizing that we really seemed to have a connection over the phone and internet we decided to finally meet in person, after almost 3 weeks of distant flirtation. I was a bit nervous though because I had just been accepted into nursing school a few weeks before, which shifted my priorities from finding a boyfriend to focusing on school. I was worried about having trouble balancing a new relationship that would need a lot of nurturing with nursing school, which can be quite demanding. I soon found out that when you find the one you are to spend the rest of your life with, it’s not work.

Our first meeting was May 25, 2008, and this day changed our lives. We decided to meet in the middle. He lived in a big city, I lived in the country, and we were a 50-minute drive from one another. We met at a restaurant so we could have dinner and get a feel for each other. The day was May 25, 2008, the time was 6:00, and we were both nervous. He was even more charming in person than online, and he told me I was even more beautiful than my photographs depicted. Before we knew it three and a half hours had gone by. He didn’t let me leave until he gave me flowers and a kiss goodnight. It wasn’t until later in the relationship that I found out he called his brother that night and said he was going to marry me. . .

After that night I think we both knew we were in love. It was such an amazing feeling, especially since we didn’t seem to have to work at it. We meshed, we blended, when I pushed he pulled, when he needed me I was there. This was especially important on September 22, 2008 when he got the call he was going to Iraq. Michael was a reservist with the Marine Corps, and while we knew his activation was a possibility, we didn’t expect it to actually occur.

We had already spoken about our plans if he got activated, and we decided that before he left we would get married. Although I knew the proposal was coming soon, it couldn’t have been any more magical. Over fall break he took me to Disney World in Orlando, FL for my birthday. I had never been on a plane or been to Florida before, so the trip was amazing. We had three full days there, which were filled with Universal Studios, SeaWorld, and finally Disney.

At the end of the third day we made sure we were at the Magical Kingdom for the fireworks. We watched the show, which was beautiful and spectacular, and I had no idea the night could be any more perfect. After the show he wanted to get closer to the castle. We walked to the castle and up the stairs, and then he wanted to walk back down the stairs. He was acting really strange, and looking back he was all nerves. He then asked me if I was happy, and if all my dreams were coming true. I told him that they were, and I couldn’t be happier. He then asked if there wasn’t anything he could do to make even more of my dreams come true. I told him no, that he had done enough already. He then took my hand and asked what if he proposed, as he knelt to the ground. He asked me to be his wife right there in front of Cinderella’s castle with a crowd of onlookers, and I answered yes with more emotion than I ever knew I contained. From there on is a bit of a blur for us.

He was working full-time and in school full-time. On top of that he had to finish his classes 3 weeks earlier than everyone else in order to begin his activation December 1st. I was working on school and trying to plan the wedding, which was to be on December 27th. On top of all this there was a lot of negative energy regarding our marriage. There were so many individuals who just didn’t understand what Michael and I have, and weren’t willing to accept our decision.

We would not ever let this deter us though, because in our hearts we know that we are supposed to be together and are making the right choice. Compared to the negative energy we received regarding the wedding we had ten times more positive energy, especially from my parents. My mother was amazing in helping to plan the wedding since I had so much of my time consumed with school. She and my grandmother were incredible in helping me at this tough time, and planned the most beautiful wedding you could ask for. I was living with Michael at this time, and the night before the wedding we had decided he would sleep at his brother’s place.

I had one of my bridesmaids stay with me so I wouldn’t be alone at the house, but it was very difficult to be without him that night. He had left for Quantico, VA on December 5th, and hadn’t gotten back until the 21st. Therefore, we hadn’t had many days together since he got home. It wasn’t until the next day after the wedding that I found out he felt the same way. Instead of staying with his brother, he ended up coming home that night and sleeping in the back room where he knew I wouldn’t go in the morning just to be closer to me.

The next day was the most wonderful day of our lives, and we made sure to remember every moment. He cried as I walked down the aisle to join him, and I cried as the preacher told the story of how he and his wife were separated a month and a day after they were married due to deployment. The wedding was bittersweet because we both knew he only had a week and a half from that day to be with me before he left for Camp Lejeune.

I cry as I write this because he is there now, and I miss him more than I could put into words. It is going to be the hardest thing I have ever done to be away from him for 7 months when he leaves for Iraq in February, but I know that our love can withstand it. I hope everyone thinks our love is incredible, because we sure do.