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When The Honeymoon Phase Comes to an End

When you’re swept in the thrilling whirl a new relationship, it’s easy to convince yourself that it will last forever. But when the energy and emotions starts to temper, doubt can begin to creep in. So what are the main reasons relationships don’t go beyond the infatuation stage? Read on.

1. An addiction to “passion phase”
The high-octane emotions at the beginning of a relationship can be like a drug. Some people will date person after person in search of their next fix.

2. A reluctance to move on.
Whether it’s a fear of commitment, marriage or simply opening up another person again, some people halt things the moment the passion is translating into something more meaningful.

3. An inability to move on
For those that have never been in a long-term relationship, or at least not for some time, the challenge of the next step can be beyond them. Looking ahead can be terrifying.

4. The relationship’s not right
All the above can be overcome with a little coaxing but you’ve got to accept if a relationship is not sturdy enough to endure future challenges. Dating is supposed to help you weed out the bad from the good. Moving on when things aren’t right might be painful but will save you more stress in the long run.

Passion might draw people together but there has to be more than that to help them get through the routine of their daily lives. Healthy couples must share values, beliefs, interests and ambitions. Ultimately, romantic lovers need to become great friends.