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Nice Guys or Bad Boys – Who Do You Love?

You’re about to spend the most useful 5 minutes you’ve ever spent on improving your future love life. There’s some homework I want you to do that will absolutely improve your natural ability to read into a man’s behavior and his mind and could mean the difference between being…


Right now, I’m going to ask you to take 5 minutes to yourself, tune out the rest of the world, and think about these few important questions:

1. What is it about “bad boys” or men who aren’t “available” that is attractive to women? And to you?

2. Have you ever dated a guy even though you knew he was a “bad boy?”

3. Is there a “nice guy” in your life who would make a great companion, but you’re not attracted to or share a “connection” with?

Take a minute and think about these. Don’t cheat yourself. It’s AMAZING what you learn about yourself and the world when you take just a few minutes to reflect. Ok, let’s share our thoughts and compare notes. So…I’m going to address the last question first about “nice guys.”

The Problem With Nice Guys

I don’t actually think there’s anything wrong with the fact that women are often attracted to “bad boys.” The truth is that you might “like” a nice guy, but you don’t feel that powerful GUT-LEVEL ATTRACTION for “nice guys.” Ironically, even if a man is nice but you don’t feel that attraction for him – doing all the sweet things of pursuing you, doting on you and trying to spend time with you actually makes you feel LESS interested. A woman might “like it” when a nice guy does nice things, but it doesn’t make her feel ATTRACTED to that man. Well, guess what? It works the same way for “nice women.” Being a “nice girl” can’t “convince” a guy to like you or want you just because you do sweet things and are overly accommodating. In fact, it can actually “kill” any attraction that may have been there.

What Draws Women To Bad Boys

You might not see it yet, but women often unconsciously feel that magical emotion called ATTRACTION for men who have the behavior and traits of a “bad boy.” Of course, I don’t believe that men have to be jerks to make women feel attraction with them. The truth is “bad boys” often create inviting and intoxicating forms of drama – often perceived as playfulness, sexuality and fun. And it’s often the inherent UNPREDICTABLE nature of a “bad boy” that becomes so fascinating and addicting to want to be around.

Women have a deep attraction mechanism that’s triggered by men who behave indifferently, have high status, know lots of women, and the list of “bad” behavior goes on. You probably know from experience that the chemistry and connection with a “bad boy” can be incredibly thrilling, even if you’re miserable when it comes to a relationship. The magic of that exhilarating connection with a man can be extremely powerful, and more than enough to “overrule” the conscious thoughts you might have of “this guy isn’t good for me.” Women picking and staying with the wrong men is the single biggest mistake I see women make. It’s the most common reason why the thousands of women I hear from can’t find the love and fulfillment they’re looking for.

But there’s help…

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Your Friend,

Christian Carter

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