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Beyonce and Jay-Z: eHarmony Advice Looks at a Celebrity Relationship

As one of the most watched modern couples in music and entertainment, Beyonce and Jay-Z live well-publicized lives. As charismatic and influential hip-hop moguls, they each bring talent and respect to various high-profile industries while finding time for a relationship. With all of their fame and fortune, it seems that their alliance is far removed from the common courtship issues. But, in taking a deeper look into their five-year bond, managing a relationship and successful careers are relevant for everyone living in and out of the spotlight.

Relationship Synopsis

The talk of a relationship between the two started during the release of Jay-Z’s hit single, “03 Bonnie and Clyde,” featuring Beyonce. With a shared video and personal lyrics, the buzz began that it may be personal ties contributing to the melodic fodder for her 2003 hit record Dangerously in Love. Graduating from the multi-platinum and award-winning group, Destiny’s Child, Beyonce Knowles surged into successful solo status as a musician, actress, model and fashion designer. Shawn Carter, better known as Jay-Z, is a critically acclaimed rapper that upped his game to entrepreneur eminence. As a diligent CEO of two entertainment companies, a fashion magnate and a nightclub and professional sports team owner, Jay-Z has traded one hustle for another. From headlining packed stadiums to sun dripped vacations to St. Tropez, the two have remained mum on their long-term relationship through it all. Last April, they made their union official, marrying in a secret ceremony at Jay-Z’s New York City loft.

We have compiled a brief relationship analysis of this dynamic duo, pointing out the best advice as it translates to everyday couples:

1.) Busy Careers

Managing massive careers from fashion design to music, Beyonce and Jay-Z must also find time to juggle super-stardom and coupledom. Although it’s reasonable to prioritize your career, especially if it is booming, dedicating time to your partnership is also crucial. If not, you risk sending the message that your role at the workplace is more important than that of a partner. Demanding careers can be challenging, but a strong support system is necessary to keep you grounded. Relationships can easily fall apart when plagued with 18-hour days at the office. Instead, work together to establish regular, uninterrupted time together to share, encourage and relax. A strong communicative relationship forges a solid foundation to lean on when you are apart.

2.) Secrecy

A couple since 2002, Jay-Z and Beyonce have always kept quiet about their relationship, even as they were photographed together on the beach and at numerous celebrity events. Although their refusal to talk about their relationship has avoided exploitation, real world courtship secrecy is harder to rationalize. Asking your mate to hide behind the curtain can make your partner feel like they are second-string and not important in your life. You don’t have to tell the world your business to be happy, but if you both do decide to keep your courtship hidden, talk about the rules of engagement should it come up. There is something to be said about keeping your private life to yourself, however, and not spilling all of your relationship secrets to your pals!

3.) Age Difference

With a significant age difference of 12 years, Jay-Z is 38, while Beyonce is 26. With a different generational frame of mind, the two could possibly have disparate expectations when it comes to their relationship, careers and life plan. Dramatic age differences aren’t a deal breaker, but can present partnerships with difficult compromises. You may have to sit back and let your beloved make mistakes or cater to his or her career, while you are ready to retire. Or, you may be swayed to change your future plans to better accommodate the other. Commonalities don’t define you, but they do offer a frame of reference. Talk about your goals with your partner and allow the other to grow and experience life on their own timetable.

4.) Ego

With both parties brandishing successful careers in similar professions, Beyonce and Jay-Z may experience ego struggles. Racing to the top of the charts, being crowned as the sexiest woman, or a Forbes’ cash king can incite competitiveness or even jealousy. As a couple, you learn the power seesaw of individual successes and failures, sometimes allowing one person to shine while you take the back seat. Try to separate the job from the person, allowing you to be proud of your sweetheart’s accomplishments, and maybe even inspiring you with the same gusto. If you find yourself competing for the spotlight, and pushing your beloved to the dark, it may be a sign that you are more invested in recognition than you are in the relationship.

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