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7 Simple Ways to Express Your Love

Saying “I love you” doesn’t necessarily mean an extravagant night on the town, two dozen long stem roses or serious bling. Here are some everyday ways to show your partner you are thinking of them!

1) Love Notes

It takes 30 seconds to jot down those sweet nothings on a yellow Post-it. Stick it on the bathroom mirror or the refrigerator door before you leave the house for the day … it will put a smile on your sweetheart’s face and start their morning off right.

2) Groove is in the Heart

Jump online and download a collection of your honey’s favorite tunes. Assemble them onto a CD and think of your very own clever album title.

3) Snack Attack

Surprise your significant other with their favorite guilty pleasure. It’s the simple things in life that ramp up our happiness factor, so whether it’s a peppermint patty, a vanilla latte or the occasional Krispy Kreme doughnut, paying attention to your partner’s likes really means a lot to them.

4) Breakfast in Bed

Wake up Saturday morning and whip up a batch of blueberry pancakes or even some freshly squeezed orange juice, then deliver the goodies with a smile to your resting mate (but please, let them sleep in a bit first!).

5) Book Club

Does your guy or gal have a passion for vampire novels or science fiction? Browse through the bookstore on occasion and pay attention to what they are checking out when you shop together. Then, pick up a title or two when they’re not looking!

6) The Human Touch

A fabulous foot massage or back rub can ease away the tensions of the day and be a great way to reconnect. Light a few candles, put on some relaxing music and enjoy a quiet evening decompressing together.

7) Day Pass

Create a homemade coupon that entitles your loved one to an afternoon off from carpooling, babysitting, house cleaning or the usual chores. They will appreciate it more than you know.