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The 5 Top Vacation Spots for Singles

It’s not only spring that’s in the airit could also be love. Or, at least a fling that gives you something to dish about over happy hour drinks once you return from your travels. Though sadly, you might not be able to take a full week off like you did when you were in school, even a long weekend at one of these sought-after hot spots for singles is worth the trip.

From the west to the east coast and across the Atlantic, if you’re hoping to meet and mingle with other eligibles, strategize your itinerary to include one of these destinations. Here, a look at the top vacation spots for singles in the world (and bonus: where to stay while you’re there!):

New York, New York

There’s a reason New York City has a rep as a sleepless town: events, parties, festivals, and bars are often bustling until sunrise. The Big Apple has no shortage of singlesespecially if you’re in the mood for a one-weekend wonderas the town is notorious for a fear of commitment. While you’re visiting, spend some time eating your way through Chinatown and the West Village before grooving with locals (and transplants and tourists) in the East Village or Lower East Side. No matter which neighborhood you choose though, remember New Yorkers are receptive to conversations, even though you might have to strike it up by offering up a free drink.


Los Cabos, Mexico

So, you want to have a vacation made for the single crowd—but also one that allows you to exercise your passport and collect a new stamp. For a shorter flight that gets you far enough away, consider heading to Los Cabos, Mexico. Right on the border of California and featuring a much different scene than the college-aged bashes in Cancun, Los Cabos is ideal for 30-something singles. When you’re not busy experiencing the ocean and soaking up that vitamin D, you can sample cocktails at many upscale eateries and cocktail lounges, all with a side of sunshine.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

As one of the most liberal cities, not only in Europe, but in the world, for an adventure that takes you far from what you know, Amsterdam is a must-visit for singles. The town attracts, bachelor parties, backpackers, and professionals from all over the world, meaning one thing’s for sure: you certainly won’t be bored while you visit. While you’re here, you can visit the infamous Red Light District, sample legal marijuana, take a bike tour, and even venture through history at the Van Gogh Museum or Anne Frank House. At night, there are countless nightclubs to pick from, making for a vacation that offers little sleep, but plenty of play.


Havana, Cuba

From the vintage vehicles tooling around to the vibrant architecture, the spirit of Havana and its lively locals, known as Habaneros, should really be experienced at least once in a lifetime. Known for its rum and tobacco, Havana is an amazing spot for singles looking for a true adventure. The famed home of author Ernest Hemingway, who lived in the nearby town of  Cojimar, the capital of Cuba is also a hot spot for book collectors. Who knew!? Many travelers recommend visiting the Cafe Paris or La Bodeguita Del Medio restaurant (Hemingway’s fave spot), where the mojito was born, and renting a bike to get around the capital city.



Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is well-known as being a place to enjoy some fun in the sun all year long. With over 60 miles of gorgeous beaches, what is known as the Grand Strand also houses some amazing bars and nightlife. Visit the Liberty Brewery and Grill, or Bubba’s Love Shak, for a good time with like-minded singles. If you are into the beach and water sports – this is your dream vacay. It’s also known as the capital of mini-golf, and is home to over 90 golf courses. Just bring some serious sunscreen.