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Online Dating Success Starts with Your Profile Photo

Without a good profile photo (and we mean more than one!) , people just won’t stop and click on your profile.  That means you’re missing out on a lot of potential opportunities just because you didn’t take the time to make sure your pics were as good as they could be.

Your profile photos says a lot about you, not just the obvious “what do they look like,” but people get a sense of who you are, so make sure you leave the right impression.  Here are some ways to make sure your profile stands out from the rest:

Medium shots are some of the most popular on eharmony.


1.Post multiple images; people who post 7 pics get the most communication on eharmony.

2.Post medium/full-length shots so people can get a sense of your physicality.

3.Include different types of pics of you participating in your fave activities. Your pics are telling a story about who you are and what you enjoy doing.

4.Post recent photos of yourself.


This is a just a no!


1.Post group pics. No need to make people play “Where’s Waldo” to try and figure out which one is actually you.

2. Post lots of photos in sunglasses. People want to see those eyes.

3. Post bathroom selfies. Most bathrooms, not to mention the lighting, aren’t super attractive to look at

4. Post drunken party pics. No explanation needed. Right?!

5. Post pics of yourself with a “cut-out” or blocked out person. It doesn’t come across well.

6. Post shirtless or overly provocative images. Remember, this is a first impression, and you might send the wrong message. We know you have much more to offer than just a six-pack.


There you have it some fast and simple rules to get the best profile photos and help you get the most out of your eharmony experience. If you want to trust all of this to the professionals, then don’t hesitate to trust Online Profile Pros and get an extra 10% off our current photography sale prices by using the code “EH10” Check us out!